Saturday, March 02, 2013

1983 MV's postcard - March 4

MV sends a postcard from Wilmington College.  Transcription follows.
Dear Mom & Dad –
Just wanted to drop you a card to thank Dad for speaking to the class.  I overheard a couple of the girls saying how impressed they were.  I got a birthday card yesterday from Marion, Charlie, Tobey, Joshua, and Roberta.  It had two dogs on the front, of course.  Choir practice didn't go real well Wednesday night, so it's just as well you aren't coming on Sunday.  Maybe some other time. Pete Cade is taking me to pick up my stereo out at Radio Shack tomorrow morning.  Thanks for the money.  I hope the flowers still look half way decent.  The flowers that arrived in the box; just make sure they stay watered.  They are to be Easter gifts.  One is for you, one for Grandma, and I'll find the owners of the other five.  Love – M.V.

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