Thursday, November 01, 2012

1982 HH and flood control - Nov. 1

The Clinton County Commissioners have more responsibilities than one might think.  Wilmington News-Journal clipping from Monday, November 1, 1982 transcribed below.
1982 HH's varied duties as Clinton County Commissioner included flood control inspection

Flood control inspection

State, county and city officials spent most of this morning making their semi-annual inspection of the Fisher Flood Control Project, which was completed in 1976.  They are shown checking out a diversion ditch just off Prairie Avenue at the city's corporation limit.  Also to be inspected were the project's two dams, one of which is located just northeast of this ditch and the other which is located near the end of Nunn Avenue.  Taking part in the second inspection of the project this year were County Commissioners DM Fife, David Bailey and Harold Uible, County Engineer Jim Nimz, City Service Director Robert Holmes, Steve Evans of the county engineer's office, Bob Coblentz of Soil Conservation Services, Guy Ashmore of Clinton Soil and Water Conservation, Dennis Pipkin, City Service Department Engineer, and Ed Everman of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  The project was funded in part by the city, county and ODNR.  Contacted shortly after the inspection, Fife reported that the project seems to be doing the job for which it was intended, "It just gets better every time – there were no serious problems," he said.  (Staff photo by Dana Dunn)

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I would guess that HH might be the one peering into the diversion pipe on the right.

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