Friday, November 30, 2012

1962 GHU postcard from Florida - Nov. 28

Grandma sends a Smoky Mountain postcard addressed to Catherine in November 1962.  Typically Grandma and Granddad would go to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving and return Easter (or Palm Sunday) weekend.  Evidently the card also served as a grocery list for celery, hot dogs, bread and cheese, in Jean's handwriting.  Transcription follows.
1962 Smoky Mountains Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
1962 Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
Weds. evening [postmarked November 28, 1962, Lake Worth FLA]
Dear Catherine & all,
We are just about settled.  The unpacking is all finished except putting a few little things in place. Aunt Mary had us over last evening for oyster stew.  Since the weather was cool.  It is warmer today but need a little heat.  Had to get out the heater the first thing.  Our northern clothes have been comfortable so far that we wear in winter.  Robbie was with us while Aunt Mary and M. went to dentist this evening.  Love to all, Grandma.  [on left margin]  No Christmas lights on that we've seen (in LW) yet.

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