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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 26

The last family letter from November 1982 featuring Thanksgiving details, Mie Young and Mary Virginia's upcoming travels and more. Transcription follows.
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Sunday evening –
November 26, 1982
Dearest Family –

We missed having you all for Thanksgiving but was surprised to find Serena at our door Wednesday afternoon – having taken the bus to Indianapolis and riding the rest of the way with Debbie Haines.  She stayed til today when we accompanied her in the other car as far as the Salem Mall area where we all (including G'ma, Dad and I) ate at the Red Lobster and Serena went on to Chicago in the Dodge Swinger.  We looked over the Mall which we hadn't seen for ? years.  they have enlarged it – adding a Penney's and a second floor area near it.  It was also interesting to see one of the new stores there where they develop film right on the premises and you can pick it up one hour after leaving it.  The prints are 4x6 and not a bad price considering everything.  29¢ a print and $2.00 for developing.  The Thompsons had been there a few weeks ago and had told us about it.

Back to Wednesday – Mary Virginia and Mie Young came home and brought two students with them – one is an Austrian girl who lives next door to MV in her dorm and the other was a boy formerly from Greenfield whose parents now live in Cleveland.  He has been in the Navy for 4 years – had a job in Wilmington so doesn't plan to go home til Christmas.  John and X got here about 9:30 Wednesday evening so we had a full house.  They also brought Piper and little Golda but we really hardly knew they were here.  They had a full car going back for they took Mary Virginia to the bus station in Columbus to catch the bus for Phoenix to be with Roberta (and work for the Salvation Army for the month of December out there [in Phoenix – MV reports she was a bell ringer at Metro Center mall].

Mie Young left this morning to go on tour with the Chamber Singers as they have a four day trip to northern Ohio and Michigan giving concerts in schools and churches.  Luckily we didn't have to get her to Wilmington as the Kincaids picked her up at 8AM and the McCunes are to pick her up Wednesday evening at the college.

We certainly wished you all could have been with us but talked to Roberta and said she was cooking dinner for the Senior Village people.  As far as we know Cathy, Gerry and Wendy went with friends to the Tumulo Emporium the real nice (and good) restaurant between Bend an∂ Sisters – hope the weather wasn't too bad to get there.  The Hortons got back from their trip to Phoenix and were either going to Rob and Cindy's or to the Hortons (Bill's brother nearby).  Aunt Virginia saˆd that she was planning to go to Sarah and Jim's mother's in Eighty-four, PA.  So glad that she is feeling better and able to go out again.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill enjoyed their visit with Roberta and Roberta said they played bridge and bingo with some of the residents there who really became attached to her aunt and uncle.

Dad went to Dayton to see a new internist for his annual physical check-up.  It is the one where Beverly Gooding is employed but she doesn't work Fridays so didn't see her.  He was very impressed with Dr. Arn and thought things went much smoother than they had under Dr. Schnebley's nurse Jerri.  I am going tomorrow (and Elizabeth Johnson is going along for the ride) so hope to see Beverly then and get the news of the Goodings.

The tourist highlight of my trip to Dayton was driving around the block from the Dr's office and seeing this HUGE southern style mansion which we later learned was the home of Orville Wright and was on 17 acres.  Back to the exam the nurse gives you some "sweet liquid" and then takes another blood test two hours later, which gave me time to visit the local library.

[Much love, etc.]

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Mary Crowson said...

HA! The "sweet liquid" test is glucose= diabetes testing! Been there, done NOT like it!

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