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1972 Catherine's letter - Nov. 28

Catherine's letter to the family written in November 1972, while living, working and attending library school in Kalamazoo.  A new cache of letters from the 1970s and 80s has been delivered by Dad and Roberta from Ohio.  Several from 1972 and 1982, will catch up with the earlier ones from those years possibly in 2013. Transcription follows.
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November 28, 1972
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary, [assume Roberta was at Barnesville]

Hi!  Found your letter waiting when we got home on Sunday so I assume it came on Friday or Saturday.  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with or without the Sankers.  We had a good trip  but it wasn't much like Thanksgiving.  Bologna & cheese doesn't taste much like turkey and dressing.  

We looked at a lot of land of varying sizes and types but didn't find anything we really wanted to buy.  The weather was good in Canada, there wasn't even snow on the ground like there is here.  Coming back home through northern Michigan it began to rain and as we came further south it turned to snow.  We hit an icy patch and the car skidded all over the road & ended up 3/4 over a guard rail in the middle of the highway.  We had to get a tow truck to put us back on the highway.  Amazingly enough the only damage was a little dent on the front passenger door & some bent trim.  Lucky.

We decided that the new job opening at Upjohn is more my kind of of job so I have applied instead of X.  Mrs. Pinkham [then library director at K College] is a friend of the librarian at the business library so I think that will help my chances.  I hope to hear within the next two weeks.

Everyone here is getting in the Christmas spirit.  This is the last week of school (at K) and then exams next week.  Western doesn't end until the 16th.

We are planning to come down for Christmas.  We will have to come back to K on Christmas Day though as we both have to work on the 26th.  We are debating whether we should come on the bus instead of driving.  That way we wouldn't have to worry about traffic or the weather.

I've got to go.  Lunch hour is over.

Love, Catherine

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