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1962 (Nov.) - Mother's Club Program

The following clipping about Uible travels pertains to a Mother's Club meeting held on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1962.  The article on the right of which the top part is cut off is headlined "Drakes Give Program on Hong Kong" about a UMW program presented by Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Drake,  I won't transcribe that article but the names mentioned include Mrs. (Helen) Kuntzman who presided and conducted the course of study, and Mrs. Jack (Wilma) Croghan at the piano.  Uible travel article transcribed below.
WNJ Clipping - Nov. 1962 Re Family Trip

Uible Travels in West are Vienna Club Program

Mrs. Ernest Cochran welcomed the New Vienna Mother's Club to her home for its November meeting Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Thomas Rudisill, the president, opened the meeting by reading a selection, "Like Mother Used To Make," by Marjorie Holmes.  She introduced Mrs. Harold Uible who gave the program for the evening, a travelogue of her family's five weeks' vacation traveling through the western states.

Mrs. Uible made her trip enjoyable to her listeners as she related amusing experiences they had enjoyed with their children.  She told of snow on Pikes Peak, Grand Canyon's scenic beauty and swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  They took advantage of the many beautiful picnic areas as they traveled.

She also told of her children's interest in unusual and foreign eating places.  Mrs. Uible mentioned the zoo at San Diego, and Disneyland.

After visiting Southern California she told of the lovely scenic trip on to the World's Fair in Seattle, Wash.  She mentioned the beauty and the educational value found there.  She highlighted her talk with pictures of her children as they enjoyed the travels.

During the following social hour Mr. Harry Mason presented some organ selections.

Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Lawrence German and Mrs. Walter Drake.  Members included Mrs. Wendell Walker, Mrs. Joe Eaton, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Thomas South, Mrs. Carl West, Mrs. John Hughes, Mrs. Arthur Bernard, Mrs. Orville Harner, Mrs. Donald Bernard, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. Lawrence Terrell, Mrs. Gerald Bernard, Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant and Mrs. Uible.

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