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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 7

The first family letter of November has election news, reports of the college students (MV & MY) and more. I didn't remember that John had considered moving to NV.  Transcription follows.
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Sunday -
November 7, 1982

Dearest Family -

It has been a long time since we have written a letter to all of you - if fact we don't plan to send a copy to Serena or Catherine as we will be seeing them this coming week.

Guess we don't have any good reason for not writing last weekend - we did have John and X here Saturday - they looked at houses in the area that day.  The Vergnes, Marie Cooper's, Pat and Mark Allen's and a lot of others - none of which impressed them too greatly - either the house itself or the cost (or the price asked, rather).  They may come early Thanksgiving eve and possibly look at others if any new ones present themselves.  Damon Hughes house has been reduced but it is still high for the money.

Mary Virginia was also here with a friend from college - a girl from near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  MV sang at the Senior Citizens program after the pot-luck.  The two girls also helped us solicit for UNICEF Sunday afternoon and then we treated all the solicitors to pizza at Ralph's afterwards.  (We did collect $120.)  MV took the car back with her in order to come home and vote -- if you live in the county you aren't eligible for an absentee ballot.  The state really had a landslide of Democratic victories   Luckily D.M. Fife and Dad were retained as commissioners.  Dan was unopposed but D.M. had a man from Martinsville running against him - someone told us that the speech that he made for himself at a Democratic meeting was a sure vote for "D.M."  The man was running as an Independent but don't think he got half the votes D.M. did.

Mie Young also cam home last Monday night and left early Tuesday morning after voting   She has dropped her hardest subject - accounting and plans to take it again maybe next year but was afraid of failing it if she kept on or not giving enough time to her other subjects if she worked hard enough to pull off a passing grade.  Tonight is the International Students Pot Luck dinner at the college and we plan to go.  We heard Friday night that Don Liggett has been operated on for gall or kidney stones and they found a tumor so he is to go back next week for surgery again to remove it and hopefully it won't be malignant.  Both he and his wife have been so active with the international students.

Wilmington College put on Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing" and it was quite unusual -- the setting was St Louis about 1902.  It was well done - Bill Kincaid and Cherie Cooper both had parts.

MV drove or rather rode out to see Diane Roberts at School of the Ozarks with Diane's brother.  They left Thursday afternoon and they they are to get back tonight - 10 hour drive, at least - both ways - it is on the west side of Missouri.

Went out to the Bernards (Donald) last night for a buffet supper and friends of theirs showed movies (including sound) of a trip they had taken to Europe.  Four Canadians were also visiting who had gone on the same trip.  There were about 24 of us so had a full house at movie time complete with popcorn and apples at intermission.  It was full evening as the movies lasted 2.5 hours.

The weather has been great . . . started yesterday morning with five men from NV attending a Methodist Men's Breakfast in Wilmington   Dr. Lucas (Pres. of W. College spoke and fave an excellent message on "Climb a Mountain" i.e. do things that challenge us.  The afternoon was outdoors work as virtually all the leaves are down and more than time to get things put away for winter.

MV spent Tuesday evening with me at the Courthouse as the Commissioners Office is open to handle phone enquiries on the returns.  All the local levies carried.

Aunt Virginia is in the hospital - intensive care - not enough oxygen in her blood and Mary Pat ((Bill Dailey's wife) said "possibly pneumonia."  Anyway we do hope that she recovers soon and is able to leave the hospital.

With much love to each one of . . . . .

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