Monday, November 12, 2012

1972 Serena's Class Play

Assumption is this was the EC Senior Class play of 1972. Serena tells me she was only involved in one play and it was probably her senior year.  The clipping is undated and there is no clue on the back except turkeys on sale for 29¢/pound. Transcription follows.
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East Clinton Play - Big Hit
by Bruce Beam (East Clinton Student)

Lu Ann Barber, above left is the character of Judy in East Clinton's fall play, Rebel Without A Cause given at the Sabina Junior High School Friday and Saturday scored a hit.  Equally able in the role James Dean made famous, Keith Pitzer portrayed a frustrated youth who was reconciled at the play's end with his parents and his environment.  James Morris is pictured at right.

The play which was up-dated to present-day youth and their problems was ably directed by Edward Litteral, head of the East Clinton English Department.

Cast members who contributed to the play's success in order of appearance were: Trevor Shoemaker, Charlie Combs, Keith Pitzer, Joe Steele, Lu Ann Barber, Kevin Neel, Jane Stamn, Eileen Fisher, Jackie Morrow, Cherie Kenney, Vic Pratt, Mike Rupp, Joe Guard, Connie Pennington, Jo Etta Carnahan, David Haines, Art Beverly, Ginny Olds, Dave Holden, Debbie Haines, Jim Morris and Bob Olds.

Back Stage Crew who capably supported the actors and directors were:  Lights: Trevor Shoemaker, Props: Berle Kendle, Scott Saville, Ken Sanderson, Vicki Brown, and Bill Earley.  Make-up: Mrs. Jeanne Wilson, Ella Hart, Serena Uible, Vicki Brown, Mary Ann Bullen, Charlie Compbs, Stacy Poole, Vanessa Burrus, Cindy Adams and Lynn Pierson.

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

According to updated info from Serena, this was NOT her senior class play and was most likely the fall play during 1970 or 1971. The fall play in 1972 was The Egg and I.

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