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1972 Joe's letter to GHU - Nov. 6

Joe writes a letter to Grandma in 1972. Transcription follows.
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November 6, 1972
Dakar, Senegal

Dear Grandma,

I got your letter awhile back and it's taken me until now to get my pen going. It was nice to hear from you. I had a good time in New Vienna [while on vacation in the US during late summer].  It's difficult to readjust to my Senegalese way of life.

The readjusting has been less difficult this time because I've been staying in Bill Tilton's house (my TEFL Director) while he's been traveling.  I've had access to hot water, a record player, air-conditioning, and the services of a cook who has been fixing my meals at noon.

At night I've been eating with an African family.  At night because they have been fasting this month called Ramadan.  The fasting ends on Wednesday or whenever the moon appears in the sky.  We have a holiday from Tuesday evening until next Monday morning.  Life is quite easy going here!

The college is building a wall in front of our house.  It should be very attractive.

With my light teaching schedule of 15 hours this year, I'll be playing a lot of tennis.  I entered a tournament last week losing the first match to a Senegalese called M'Body.  The score being 6-0, 6-4.

I haven't heard from Roberta recently - since I've been back.  I'm wondering if she planning on coming this December.  She's always welcome.  I have nothing planned for the Christmas holidays so will be expecting her.  England was beautiful.  Hope you're well - please say hello to the Uibles.

Love, Joe

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