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1982 MV's postcards from bus trip - Nov. 26-27

MV takes a bus trip from Columbus to Phoenix in 1982, during a break from her freshman year of college. Thinking of future space constraints in the family blog, she sent postcards with the exact same picture four different times.  Evidently on "bus time" Saturday preceded Friday.  Transcription follows.
Captioned: The Cape Cod Room.  In the Drake, Chicago.  Since its opening in 1933, one of the finest sea food restaurants in America.  Winner of Holiday Award for 28 years, it is a Chicago gathering place for celebrities and gourmets the world over.  The Drake, operated by Hilton International Co.
Saturday 1:00 a.m. [postmarked Indianapolis, Friday, Nov. 26, 1982]
We left Columbus about 10 minutes late - to arrive in Indianapolis about 2:00, St. Louis at 6:00 (?).  The lady at the ticket booth said this is an "express," stopping at the above and Tulsa & Albuquerque.  Love, MV

6:00 a.m. [postmarked St. Louis, Friday, Nov. 26, 1982]
Just woke up.  It is raining and we just passed Pocahontas, Ill.  I grabbed the back three seats so that I could stretch out, but there's only about 4 ft in length and about a foot across, so it is easier to sleep sitting up.  Not many on the bus, about 15-20.  My DeKalb seed corn hat got a lot of stares at the Columbus bus station.  Sorry so sloppy – road is bumpy.  Love, MV  Arrive St. Louis at 6:00 central time.

Friday 5:00 p.m. Central Time [postmarked Tulsa, Nov. 2?, 1982]
Have done lots of cross-stitch.  We are in Okla. someplace.  Hopefully getting close OK City.  We hit a lot of obscure little towns today throughout Missouri & Oklahoma.  We have been on the interstate much.  The bus filled up a little at St. Louis and Springfield, but still have two seats to myself.  Finished the turkey sand. for lunch at Springfield.  Bought Ice Tea.  Will have peanut butter when we stop for dinner.  Thanks for making them.  I did eat the carrots.  You're probably shocked.  The trip hasn't been as bad as I expected.  Thanks for the early Christmas present and having Keven & Irmgard over.  Love, MV  – Hi, Bill!  Arrive Oklahoma City Tulsa at 5:30 Central Time

Sat. 12:20 p.m. 11/27/82 Mountain Time[postmarked Houck, AZ, Monday, Nov. 29, 1982]
Hi,  Ran into some snow in New Mexico that slowed the bus down, so we are running almost 2 hrs. late.  Called Roberta from Albuquerque to let her know.  The bus was a little crowded from Oklahoma City - had to sit with an older lady going to Tucson - but got my seat back in Albuquerque when the bus emptied out a little.  I think we have a layover in Flagstaff for lunch and then the bus heads to Phoenix and then to L.A.  We stopped at Santa Rosa, NM this morning about 6:00.  There was about 3 in. snow.  Love, MV – Arrived Ariz. State Line at 12:30 p.m. (Mountain time)

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Mary Crowson said...

As I recall, the postcards were not my idea but Mom's---who wanted news of the trip but didn't necessarily want to ask me to call collect and run up the phone bill. I'm pretty sure she even put the stamps on them for me! I had forgotten the hat I wore at the time (seed corn).

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