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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 21

Family letter written on a Sunday evening in November 1982. Transcription follows.  Fairly obvious where the narration switches from Mom to Dad with the discussion of transportation from the Chicago airport.   Transcription follows.
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Sunday evening –
November 21, 1982
Dearest Family –

It has been awhile since we have written but have had a real nice visit with Catherine, Gerry and Wendy and also got to see Serena both going and coming.  We were just gone about 8 and a half days and they really went quickly.  We have talked to Roberta and Mary V. on the phone and tried to reach John and X several times today but no luck in getting through.  Was glad to see Mie Young at church today as she was visiting the Hauses this weekend.  We plan to go to the college tonight to see and hear the Chamber Singers – as Mie Young is in the group as well as a number of others from New Vienna.  They go on tour after Thanksgiving for a few days – up into Michigan and northern Ohio – not sure where else.

The Morgans are all fine and busy.  Luckily for us, Wendy had no school Thursday because of Veterans Day and Friday and Monday were Parent-Teacher Conferences, so she was off virtually all the time we were there.  We did see her off on the bus Tuesday morning on our way to the airport.  She goes to Metolius [about 5 miles from Madras, Oregon] as all the children in her area are sent there for kindergarten.  Wendy is really growing up and talks so big.  She is letting her hair grow long again and looks so cute with all her freckles.  She loves to be read to and of course there is no shortage of books which she can take out from her own school library as well as the Jefferson County on account of her mother's interest there.  We visited her school and were really impressed with her school library as well as her room.  They had so much that our school doesn't offer.

We drove down to Bend on Sunday and saw the new Desert Museum at Tucson [she must be mixing Bend up with Tucson as there are desert museums both places, the one in Bend is the High Desert Museum.] and really fascinating even for non-museum lovers, with live owls, porcupines, etc. and people to talk about them.  Afterwards we had dinner at a nice restaurant in Bend.  We also drove over to Sisters and ate later at the Tumalo Emporium where some of you have also eater before.  It was a really nice place to eat.  Also enjoyed Catherine's good cooking – especially her eggplant casserole with Gerry's famous tomato sauce.

It broke up the trip by driving to Chicago and of course getting to see Serena both going and coming   She gave us a loaf of her good wheat bread to bring home with us which we plan to enjoy while hopefully John and X as well as Mary V. and Mie Young are home.  Also ate in two nice restaurants with her – one was Armenian with Turkish rugs on the ceiling and very unusual food.  The other was a noted seafood restaurant.

The flight back to Chicago was right on schedule but visibility as far as sightseeing from the plane was virtually zero.  From the airport we came back the non-tourist way via public transportation at a $1 a person as contrasted with the $6 on the airport bus or $18 for a cab.

We were glad to hear from Aunt Virginia and she is much better and out of the hospital and back to her normal routine.  We understand that Maureen is getting married next June.

Yesterday we went to Dayton as your Mother had a library meeting and by the time we had lunch, a visit to the Mall, Extended Care and the Hospital (where we had a bowl of soup for supper) it was 12 hours later.  We went for lunch at L'Auberge – a very nice French restaurant now which was good and reasonable for lunch compared to their dinner prices.  It used to be The Inn in Kettering where we had eaten many times & enjoyed their food – especially their cinnamon rolls.

Will close this so hopefully we can drop off MV and MY's copies to them at the college.

With much love –

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