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1972 - Serena does CROP walk - Nov. 27

Serena participates in a worthwhile event as reported in the Wilmington News-Journal, November 27, 1972. Transcription follows.
1972 - Students (including Serena) take CROP Hunger Walk - Nov. 27

Students Take CROP Hunger Walk

Seventy-three people in Clinton County suffered from tired feet this past weekend.  Their common activity was walking, not in itself an unusual form of exercise.  However, walking 10 miles is unusual in this day of the automobile, and 146 feet can testify.

The occasion for this phenomenon was the Hunger Walk sponsored by CROP, Christian Rural Overseas Program, now in the final stages of a campaign in Clinton County.  Seventy-three walkers began their 10 miles treks from five locations in the county: Clinton Massie High School, Port William, Reesville, Snow Hill, and Cuba.  A surprising amount of litter was collected by walkers along mile stretches; the filled trash bags were removed by a county Highway Department truck.

Some three hours after take-off at 1 p.m., all these hardy souls met at the County Courthouse in Wilmington for a very brief rally.  Then they walked about two miles to the youth building at the fairgrounds, where they were thawed by hot cocoa, ingredients donated by A&P and Farquhar's groceries.

The purpose of the Hunger Walk was the expression of concern for those in the world who are unable to feed themselves due to circumstance beyond their immediate control.  Also, it is hoped that the Walk was good campaign publicity.

Until Dec. 8, workers for CROP will ask for contributions.  Persons who wish to contribute, but who are not contacted, should send their checks, made out to CROP, to CROP, care of Maynard Davids at the Clinton County National Bank.

Farmers with crops coming out of the field are urged to make a contribution of grain at the Clinton County Landmark grain terminal, where the grain's value will be transferred to CROP.

To all who walked on Friday afternoon, CROP as a whole extends thanks.  Most important, however is the gratitude of the people whom you have and are helping.  Citizens of Clinton County are asked to carry on the spirit by giving generously in the next two weeks.

Walkers on Friday afternoon were Richard Probasco, Kathryn Hagedorn, Maribeth Chaney, Amy Armstrong, Kevin George, Chip Ellison, Cindy Garrison, Regina Ahouse, David Ingram, Kieth Moore, Wesley Moranda, Lorilla Bevan, Patty Bevan, Mary Hodson, Robert Bevan Jr., Cynthia Faux, Donna Cough, Susan Cody, Peggy Hoffer, Jennifer Haines, Ruthanna Haines, Don Ingram, Gayle Schoenherr, Terry Stephens, Lisa Stephens, Pam Beam, Sylvia Hadley, Sylvia Ehlerding, Delbert Tanner, Rhea Jean Tanner, Lisa Sprowle, Scott Sprowle, Randy Stephens, Shelley Stephens, Dan Miller, Tim Abt and Dale Cochran.

Also, Gene Cunningham, Mitch Ostermeier, Carl Berwanger, Lisa Loftin, Pam Penquite, Elaine Reynolds, Irene Taylor, Sue Tedrick, Lisa Simpson, Kim Wilson, Rebecca Haines, Phil Cluxton Donna Dalton, Vivian Peery, Robin Peery, Doug Haag, Jean Haag, Tina Curry, Sherry Shiveley, Jim Brady, Dan Brady, John Inlow, Brenda Fisher, Cynthia Hamilton, Serena Uible, Caroline Fisher, Debbie Haines, David Haines, Marsha Haines, Dennis Perry, Cynthia Bean, Brenda Olds, Kris Hamilton, Robyn Flint, Debbie Lambcke, Claudia Bean.

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