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1992 John & Julie go to England

Shortly after the Horton Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration and GHU's 100th birthday, John and Julie departed for a much anticipated trip to England which included a visit with Sid's daughter, Cynthia, and her husband, Murray.

The Lizard - England's most southerly point, postcard sent by John to Morgans in June 1992
June 30, 1992
Dear Gerry, Catherine & Wendy,
Do the pictures remind you of the coast of Maine?  We made it to Cornwall – SW corner of England.  The scenery is spectacular.  We spent 4 days in London, 2 with Cynthia & Murray on the SE coast & the remaining 3-4 days on the Lizard – a peninsula almost to Land's End.

Hope you three enjoyed your week in Ohio.  We were glad to have Wendy visit.  Enjoy your summer.  Love, Julie & John

PS Thanks for dinner in Columbus @ Bob Evans Rest.

Housel Bay, The Lizard, England postcard sent by John to Uibles, June 30, 1992
Tues. June 30 [1992]
Mom & Dad,
After 4 days in London and 2 days in Bexhill w/ Cynthia & Murray, we finally made it to Corwall via Brighton, Salisbury and Exeter.  Your books & maps have come in handy.  Tonight we're staying in a B&B at Lizard – tomorrow we stay at the Hosel Bay Hotel with a spectacular view!

Julie and I truly enjoyed our weekend with you, the Hortons & Grandma, June 20-22.  Hope all of you are doing well.  We'll have to compare notes on England.  Murray & Cynthia send their regards.
Love, John and Julia
Cottage at Church Cove, The Lizard, England postcard sent by John to Side & Roberta, June 1992
June 30, 1992
Dear Sid & Bert,
This peninsula was Murray's recommendation and it was a great one.  We're even going to stay in the hotel at Housel Bay he suggested.  WE thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the Parks.  They spoiled us.  We've tried two B&B's (Bed & Breakfasts) - both good.

Everything is expensive; driving on the left has taken time to get used to.  But all in all, we'er having a marvelous time.

Hope you both enjoyed your time in Ohio.  It was good seeing you.  I liked our chat enroute to Cols. airport, Sid.  Love, Julie & John

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