Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1982 postcard from Nantucket- June

June 1962- CJU & GHU celebrate 50 years of marriage.  Beginning of the big trip west – Seattle World's Fair, lots of National Parks, Disneyland, Chicken Pox and more – coming soon

June 1972 - West Virginia to meet Hinermans and Mexico for Lions Club.

June 1982 - Grandma's 90th Birthday.  HH & Jean go to Nantucket – see below.  OR possibly they only went to Cleveland (for OBA?) and used this "extra" postcard to send to those back home.  

June1992 - Hortons celebrate 50 years of marriage, GHU celebrates 100th birthday.  John and Julie go to England.

June 2002 - HH and Jean go to Chautauqua.   Dahlonega reunion coming in July.

Harbor House, Nantucket Island MA postcard* c1980
Harbor House, Nantucket MA postcard to Uibles from HH, June 27, 1982

Hi – Here we are in Cleveland - had radiator trouble en route her, but is OK now.  We are on 20th floor of hotel.  Quite a view and contrast to N.V. as well as to Nantucket.

Plan to be home Thursday noon. [July 1]  We are to hear both the Gov. candidates – Brown - Tues. noon [Clarence J. "Bud" Brown, US Representative 1965-1983 who was defeated] & Celeste on Weds. noon.  [Richard "Dick" Celeste, was elected and served as governor 1983-1991]

Know you will all get along fine w/o us. Take care.  Love, the hot cereal eaters.

This postcard would classify as a boring postcard, being the picture of a dining room, in a location where there are lots more scenic things.  For more boring postcards see this link

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