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1992 County Women celebrate more than a century of life

This article from the Hillsboro newspaper, highlights the lives of five Highland County associated women who have reached their centennial year and beyond, with Gladys Hiestand Uible being the youngest of the five.

Whether only page two of this article was saved or the first page is missing; only page two is currently available for sharing.  In addition to Gladys, other century celebrating women featured include Ethel Aitken Turner who had turned 105 on May 27, 1992 [died March 29, 1994]; Alice Alvsaker, 103, on March 5, 1992 [died March 29, 1993]; Jessie Troth, 102, on Feb 25, 1992 [died July 29, 1992]; and Stella Roush, 102, [died Nov. 11, 1994].

The part of the article about Gladys Hiestand Uible is transcribed below.
GHU Clipping, June 1992 - Highland County Women celebrate more than a century of life, page 2

County women celebrate more than a century of life
[June 1992 - Hillsboro Ohio newspaper]

The youngest of the group of century celebrators is Gladys Uible, born June 22, 1892 in Hillsboro.

At the time of her birth the nation's historical accounts include steelworker strikes in Homestead, Penn. and the introduction of the first gasoline powered American automobile, built in Chicopee, Mass.

Uible spent her years as a homemaker, raising two children, Harold Uible and Mary Uible Horton.

According to her son, his mother never got mad – but she always knew when to say 'no.'

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