Sunday, June 03, 2012

2002 Letter from Catherine - June 3

This letter written in 2002 gives me an excuse to discuss criteria for posting. As regular readers will know we are focusing on years ending in "2" during 2012.  June of the "2" years is a busy month especially with two births – Gladys in 1892 and Ginny 1992; and two weddings (and anniversaries) – Cecil and Gladys in 1912, Bill and Mary 1942. Pictures and clippings of the celebration of those events will be posted later this month.

After scheduling the big events, the other days can be filled with correspondence and other news/clippings, etc. Precedence is given to older vs newer; handwritten vs email; family vs personal, interesting vs not; and what other criteria/whim may arise.  Suggestions are always welcome!

Transcription follows.
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Dear Mother & Dad,

Here is one of the note cards [nothing exciting, picture of a sailboat on front] I got at the #1 estate sale we went to with Roberta last week – bundled together with 19 others for $1.50.  Also got some Fathers Day cards for 10¢ each – you'll be seeing one of them in a couple weeks!

Busy day at work today – two magic shows this PM – about 250 at each.  So far we've signed up about 3300 kids in Glendale for the reading program – about 35% at Main, 50% at Foothills (north) and 15% at Velma Teague down town.

Enclosed is the library clipping and one from a while back that has been floating around.

See you next month!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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