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1982 Letter to family - June 6

With MV gone to Arizona and Mie Young to Korea the New Vienna house has become an "empty nest."  Dozens of relatives are set to arrive in less than two weeks to liven the place up and then HH and Jean will be off traveling as it will be late July 1982 before another family letter can be found in the files. Transcription follows.
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Sunday, June 6, 1982

Dear Family:

Happy June to everyone....just two weeks to the BIG event....and looking forward to having all of you back in New Vienna.  Mary Virginia left Friday morning for Phoenix and hope the "Bubble" comes thru in style for their return.  Serena, we did get the Dodge out of the garage for the first time since the last wedding for thought it might come in handy.

The Sankers came up last Monday afternoon and they are leaving on the 8th for a 7 week trip to Europe, five weeks of business for General Electric and then two weeks of vacation.  We are talking of joining them for the two weeks, but have said NOTHING to anyone, Okay.  As always, time will tell.  The Sanker son who graduated from ASU is still looking for a job in his area, but in the interim is doing painting jobs.

Tuesday night was sailboating was really too windy, but once you are there there is no choice but to make the best of it.  It is a challenge.

Had a card from Mie Young and they had arrived in Los Angeles on their way back to Korea from where we hope to get more news from her.  Her parents stay was so short here but know that she was anxious to get back home to see her friends and relatives.  Kim said that neither his wife or daughter had seen anything of Tokyo and perhaps they would be allowed to make a stop over there on their way home.

John, Hilda Williams called to say that they are having a special Boy Scout program inviting all former Boy Scouts to a meeting on June 21 at the church and it will be a memorial service as well for three scouts that have passed away – Brent Creed, Jerry Griffith and ____________ as well as William Robinson.  Pictures of trips to camp, Philmont, etc. will be shown.  All the families are invited and it's requested if you can't be present to at least write a letter and tell them what you are now doing and about your family, etc.  I said perhaps you might be free to make it but didn't want to commit you without your permission.  It is a time when you might be here at least.  They hope to get all the former Eagles as well as all New Vienna scouts.

The Thompsons [Homer & Rona, NVUMC 1981-85] have left for Lakeside and Howard Wolfrom is going up tomorrow and stay with them - he is NV's delegate.  Ann doesn't plan to go.  Everyone likes her (and him) very much – Mrs. T. is a lot easier to get to know.  Hope they meet the rest of our family.  Seems strange that they only know a couple of you.

We have been square dancing three times this week to make up for not going for about 3 weeks before and probably after this week.  Today there was a free dance given by a couple who met this past year and were recently married.  He is from Iowa and took 2 lessons out there and then transferred to classes here while visiting a daughter nearby.

Mildred Terrell [nee Woodmansee, 1906-1982, married Ralph Bernard 1927, married J.Warren Terrell 1940] passed away this past week – it was quite a surprise to everyone as she had been so active – more details later if you are interested.  Her funeral service was really beautiful with those who cared to speaking about her.  More of a celebration than a funeral.

[With much love, etc.]

[note to Mie Young written in margin] So glad to get your card – so many have been asking about you and ....  get a chance to meet your parents.  Hope this address is correct.  Your letter was returned from Austria for some reason.  Place is really quiet without your girls – we do miss you both!  Enjoy your stay in Korea.  Will be looking forward to August.

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