Thursday, June 14, 2012

1972 Oglebay Park Wilson Lodge Hotel Bill - June 9

Late in June 1972, found the four New Vienna Uibles in Mexico for the Lions Club Convention. Earlier in the month according to this receipt, HH and Jean stayed June 9, 1972, at the Wilson Lodge Oglebay Park in Wheeling WV, probably in conjunction with a visit to New Cumberland and or Pittsburgh.  The room rate in the lodge was $18 plus 3% tax.  In 2012 the regular rate is $165.
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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Ah----I remember this. I don't remember much (like who was along) but Sarah Hinerman's granddaughter was about my age and I was supposed to play with her....she was NOT NICE! Interesting what you recall...

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

MV, I'm impressed you remember about the Hinermans. Maybe you and the grand-daughter would have more in common today than you did then. I have very little recollection about them thought I know we visited them several times.

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