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1962 Mary Horton writes letter re 50th Anniversary

A few tidbits about home life with the Hortons in spring 1962 but details and concerns regarding the upcoming Open House in celebration of the CJ and Gladys Uible Golden Wedding Anniversary are the focus of this letter from Aunt Mary to Mom and Dad.

Love those trademark HA's and the chatty style.  Transcription follows.

Mary Uible Horton letter to Jean & Harold - May 1962
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[May 1962]
Friday about lunch time
Dear Jean and Harold:

I went to the bookstore this morning and bought 25 Golden Anniversary invitations.  Gold edged with bells and words "Golden Anniversary" in gold printed on the front.  On the inside in black script is the form: (And see if you think this fill-in makes sense or give me any suggestions):

The pleasure of your company is requested
for open house, honoring Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Uible
on Sunday afternoon, the seventeenth of June
at 2 until 5 o'clock
at home of Harold H. Uible
New Vienna, Ohio
Please omit gift

The _________ I did under the printed form on the card.  Is their any question yet as to the TIME?  Did you consider 3 until 6?  Would this give more time for naps, etc. after church for the elderly people and people who have to drive from out of town and might avoid the rush hour 3 to 4.  I'm agreeable to the 2-5.  but just make it definite in next letter so I can fill in my invitations.  I'm going ahead and address them.

Jean, in reading your letter I made some mental notes or things I wanted to ask you or to make clear in my own mind.  So, here goes!

I think it would be nice to put the announcement in both Hillsboro papers and stagger it as you suggest.  (How did you like the picture?  I didn't think it did a whole lot for Dad ... he was too self-conscious when they shot it) but not bad as a whole.  I intend to call the Church Secretary and will put announcement in L.W. Bulletin a week in advance or when Naomi suggests.  Also, I may give an announcement to Tourist Class and Mens Bible Class.

I'm all for eating out on that Sunday.  Aren't you?  Less confusion at home for Mother.  (She may think differently ... ha)

Do you have a solution for Robbie?  You know how he is?  Do you have someone in mind to keep him out of mischief and to keep him occupied and out from under foot for 3 hours?  (I'm not worried about John.  Your kids have always behaved better than mine!)

Now if you stagger hours at Punch Bowl and Guest Book every half-hour.  You would need 12 P.B. [punch bowl] and 6 at the guest book if my arithmetic is clicking to-day.  HA!  Is Mother definitely asking the ones you mention in your letter to serve?  And the times they are to come?   If so, do I make any mention of same when I send them their official invitation?  I can, if you have the hours worked out.  Or is it simpler for Mother to contact them personally in Hillsboro?  Just so I know what is expected there.  You probably could arrange the Aunt Margery [Uncle Dorsey's wife, 1881-1969.  Uncle Dorsey 1876-1959] side at one time and the Aunt Mary [Uncle Harry's second wife, 1883-1971, Uncle Harry 1872-1967] side at a much later or earlier time because they will probably gang up in car pools.  Are you with me?  HA!  Let's not have any awkward scenes with the conflicting relatives!

If, when I get into this and I add some more names I will give them to you.  Most of them I doubt if they would or could come but I'm sure they would be interested in knowing about it.  One the relative side: Can you get the addresses from Mother or can she mail to me, just so you know what I'm doing, of Ellen, Lois, and Gladys Mitchell (plus married names).  Some of them might be taking summer trips, coming or going thru.

When I write the Hillsboro cousins I will include their children in invitation.  Ann, Jodie' girl might come and Vivian's Emily.  I don't know where Frank Jr. and Suzanne are.  I plan to write a note to little Luna.  I may also write a note to Aunt Serena and Aunt Luna.  (Depends on whether I get swamped with something coming up here at home ... ha ... like chicken pox, etc.)

I thought I might send notes to Thelma Matthews, Peg Henderson and Jean Schulze .... friends that I knew in H.S. and college.  I doubt tho if they would attend.  What or how are you estimating the crowd?  HA!  That would be anyone's guess, eh?  Did anyone suggest anything there, so many over actual invitations?

Before I forget it are Avis Miller and both Nichols sent to Westboro, Ohio?  Does Walter Nichols live in Westboro and his mother with them?  And who is Howard Stewart in Wilmington????  Just curious, have address.

Incidentally, what are you planning on wearing?  Always a question with the ladies?  Are you going dressy, light or dark?  HA!  Have you seen Mother's dress?  I saw it before she left and of course she had picture taken in it.  Very pretty I thought.

I think Cris was floored with Serena's letter!  HA!  That was quite a letter for a first grader!  You tell her, Cris was flattered!  Isn't her birthday soon?  And when is Roberta's?

I think Marianne will want to stay in NV.  The change was good for her.  It is quite different going to a consolidated school than our group schools.  Last night the Arts (7-8-9) of Junior High gave a program consisting of art exhibits and ceramics and the 9th grade chorus presented their Spring Concert.  Joe is the accompanist this year and has worked so hard all year.  He did a wonderful job (shouldn't brag) and then Browns and Walkdons (you do know the latter) entertained the group with punch and cake at W.'s house.  Lanterns outdoors on the patio with a jungle-like atmosphere.  Was fun.  Had loudspeakers hooked up and the kids did the twist.  They do that so easy!  There were some-90 invited but not all came after the concert.  The program was poorly attended.  Disgusting!

Anything I can help you do let me know.  I thing you should give me all the names.  You have done more than your share plus all the responsibility of getting ready.  How about it?

The weather is hot.  Haven't turned on the air conditioner tho.  Costs a lot of money just to keep ME cool.  I'm the only one here for the most part.  Tonight is the opening of Little League so we will be at the ball park for a little while.  Surely diversified interests in the Horton family.  Cris is looking forward to that camping party this summer.  Hope it works out.  Harold is going to be busy with all this ....  Wedding Anniversary, the Hortons and your TRIP!  Aren't you looking forward to that?

Love, Mary, Bill and All.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

It might be interesting to record which relatives on the Hiestand side were not getting along and why, if anyone knows---I can guess that Dad will play dumb!

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

MV, I'm not sure about the antagonism between the Hiestand factions but I would guess it partly had to do with Aunt Mary Hiestand being Uncle Harry's second wife AND her having a strong personality. I really don't remember Aunt Margery – that would be Margery Herrell Hiestand (1881-1969) who was Uncle Dorsey's wife. Uncle Dorsey died in 1959. They had a daughter Margery Doris, but I see that she died in 1932, so I guess she wouldn't have been at the Open House 30 years later....

CJU and Uncle Dorsey didn't get along all that well so that might have been part of the problem also. They had both been in the grocery business in the early part of the 1900s but as we know Granddad went on to other things.

Possibly the Hortons can add more info or speculate on the relationships amongst the relatives!

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