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Uible***Hiestand Online Hillsboro News-Herald 1912

I didn't find this in time to include it with the posts about the wedding and honeymoon postcards of C.J. Uible and Gladys Hiestand so thought I would share it now.

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers, a project of the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, allows one to search the pages of digitalized newspapers 1860-1922 and one of them is the Hillsboro News-Herald, published weekly.  Digital versions are available from April 7, 1886 to December 31, 1914.  Currently 503 newspapers have been digitized, 15 of them from Ohio, none of them papers from Clinton County.  For the complete list of digital papers click here.

The [Hillsboro] News-Herald published from 1886-1973 and was succeeded by the Hillsboro Press Gazette 1973-1985, which then became the Press Gazette 1985 - current.

The June 13, 1912 edition of the News-Herald, page 5, has the following article:

Monday, June 10, [1912] at 6 p.m., Miss Gladys Hiestand became the bride of Cecil J. Uible of Westboro, Rev. Colley officiating.  There were no invited guests on account of the illness of the bride's father.  The bridal couple left on the 6:30 train for Atlantic City.  They will spend a fortnight in eastern parts.

Ira Franklin Hiestand, father of Gladys, died on July 27, 1912. He was born in March 1851. Rev. J. R. Colley was the pastor of the Hillsboro Methodist Church.

Four other wedding announcements are listed on this page of the paper which also includes many other tidbits of local interest such as the always popular who visited who, and the public school honor roll list interspersed with ads for such items as wallpaper, imitation oak floor coverings, summer hats, and coal. Tener's is having a sale of various sized sheet iron bread pans for only 2¢ each while supplies last and do you that Stabler's has the largest variety of merchandise in Hillsboro? When you need anything go there first. McClure's is offering a special of men's white porous underwear shirts and drawers at a special of 17¢ that "look almost as good as the 50¢ quality."

Front page articles that week included:

  • Teachers Employed at salaries ranging from $423-$800/year and the Principal, Arthur L. Edgington, $990/year
  • 1911 Agricultural Statistics for Highland County
  • Fourth of July Celebration to be held at the Fair Grounds
  • Tribute to deceased Judge George Barrere Gardner (1828-1912)

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