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July 22, 1987-99

Biking 102 miles

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1987 - [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Fort Dodge to Forest City ~82 miles + 20 to make the century "100" mile day] The Collins' were up at 5:30, home made cinnamon rolls and razzle [berry] juice.  First stop was at Hardy IA, about 30 miles out, had Iowa Pork Chops at Corwith where they had straw over the tracks and a # of parachutes tied together.  The UMC had free ice water and we ate the Collins rolls.  Here [at Corwith] we took the Century Loop.  Had lunch in Britt, grocery store stop for quart of buttermilk, banana and apricots.  We got to Forest City about 3pm with 102 miles with no problem.  Signed up for the Winnebago tour the next AM.  Had supper at Chinese Restaurant one block north of [Winnebago County] Court House, buffet $6.  For $10 we had room 127 at Rasmussen Hall, Waldorf College.

Saturday 1989 -  Liberty [Savings Bank?] had open house, the old Huck Building.  [Clarence] Jr. Sheeter was out front in a tux to greet everyone.  With the Hortons we ate at CMH [assume Uncle Bill had been released].  Jim Allen invited us and Shaffers (who couldn't come) to their place for a picnic.  Planted beans (also picked the first ones) lettuce, and beets.  New asparagus plants are looking nice.  We went to see Show Boat at the Magic Waters outdoor Theater near 7 Caves.  Jean Kantner called, she is going on Emmaus Walk next week.

Sunday 1990 - Went to Wooden Spoon, buffet $5.95 including beverage and sweets.  We stayed with GHU, not too much rest when one is up 3 or 4 times taking her to the bathroom. 

Monday 1991 - [Anchorage to Soldotna Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left Anchorage, saw some very large snow blowers.  On to Columbia Glacier, beautiful visitor building.  Lunch at Summit Lake Lodge [in Moose Pass].  Now two nights in Soldotna, supper at Four Seasons back in the woods.  Got fruit at nice stand, gal had just graduated from Kent State.  Discovered we had leak in tire.  Solid line of fisherman lining the river banks.

Wednesday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting]

Friday 1994 - Went to see South Pacific at Wilmington College, $7 each, 8-11pm.

Saturday 1995 - Went to Dayton, Sun Spot Village, they have a special dinner the last weekend of every July, then to Books and Co.  Supper at Welton's on Wilmington Pike.  Pretty good.

Monday 1996 - Jean had hospital meeting in Wilmington.  DPL bill, 918 KWH, $84.75 (33 days)

Wednesday 1998 - [to Somerset KY] Took Sankers out to lunch at Mariemont Inn for their anniversary, on to Somerset where we stayed at new Comfort Inn, pool was just being filled.  Had supper at Sonya's.  Jean and Ginny went to the movie, Madeline, $3.50 each.

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