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July 27, 1987-99

Wendy's is Kate's favorite

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1987 - [west of Guttenberg Iowa to west of Kearney Nebraska] Lunch in Kearney, NE, van has 55,873 [miles].

Thursday 1989 - Took Jane [or Jean?] Kantner to Emmaus walk in Wilmington.  Hurriedly put out broccoli plants – what I had thought was broccoli was small cabbage.

Friday 1990 -  We, Mary, and Bill left Midland at 6:30pm on the train ride to Greenfield, cruising speed was about 25 mph.  There were 2 tables (six of us) in the observations car, also a club car, an observation car,  a coach and a diner.  Cost was $40 each.  Had an appetizer of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, also cheese and crackers, entree of chicken and green beans or beef on rice, strawberries over cake to wind up.  The meal was finished when we reached Greenfield.  Also had mushrooms, meatballs and all kinds of cookies.  Back in Midland at 9pm.  Got our Hilton card today. 

Saturday 1991 - [Fairbanks Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Breakfast at the bakery, then to visitor center, walked around downtown, then took ride on the boat Discovery III ($29.50 each).  Made a stop at Indian Village.  Mary Shields had demo on dog sled routes, etc.  In PM went to Alaskaland [now called Pioneer Park], ate at a Greek Restaurant and then went ⃞ dancing, $10/couple. 

Wednesday 1994 - Laura Hughes in the office.  She certainly has a negative attitude.

Thursday 1995 - Went early to Wilmington for Noon Leadership meeting.  Jean got new doorbell (the old one quite working), and I got a new wrist strap for my watch.  Got Marion Schantz (she was 86 last week) and took her and MUH to Murphin Ridge for supper, she seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Saturday 1996 -  [Banff to Jasper, Alberta Canada] To Morrow Lake.  At Lake Louise had lunch in Poppy Restaurant in Hotel.  Rode Snow Bus at Columbia Ice Field, $20/each.  Glacier was spongy,  Ate at Something Restaurant in Jasper, staying at Mt. Robson Motel.

Sunday 1997 - [east of Rhode Island, with John, Julie and Kate to Newark to home] Left Hampton Inn at 7:30, room was $59 and were in the "Chapel" in Akron for 10:40 service, near the UofA Campus, had trouble finding a seat.  They have four services on Sunday AM.  Spoke on Malachi 1 – what are we doing with our lives?  Had lunch at Wendy's, Kate's favorite.  A stop at Roscoe Village for ice cream, also at Longaberger, big plans for year 2000.  We left Newark at 4:30

Monday 1998 - Putting new roof on UMC SS rooms.  Lions magazine: 1,440,215 members and 43,897 clubs, 735 districts and 185 countries.

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