Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 21, 1987-99

Uncle Bill to hospital, Ginny on toilet

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1987 -  [RAGBRAI Iowa bike ride: Storm Lake to Fort Dodge ~62 miles] RAIN.  Karen got locked in room.  Went 35 miles in the rain and near Ft. Dodge had bad head wind.  Saw Boys Town type place, free lemonade and yet had pop for sale.  Many places had garden hoses out in the yard if you wanted sprayed.  Stayed with the Dick Collins', 222 F Ave, Fort Dodge, two children, married in 1974.  We took them to 1st UMC for lasagna dinner.  Large Walmart here.  Serena worked here at one time.  The kids slept in the tent so we could have their rooms.

Saturday 1990 - NVUMC Men's Breakfast.  Brad [or Bud? the Roberts part is crossed out] Roberts spoke on the tongue – better to say nothing than too much.  Very good.  Trimmed the four bushes to the east of our driveway.

Sunday 1991 - [Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Went to the UMC at 9th and G Sts., all attending were visitors at that service.  Went to Ted West's home.  He went there 20 years ago through the Boy Scouts.  Buffet at O'Malley's on the Green.  Then Potter Marsh [scenic wildlife refuge] and Anchorage Museum.

Tuesday 1992 - [Ada OH for School of Missions]

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny and Roberta visiting] New roof on parsonage garage roof next door, $870.

Thursday 1994 - [Ginny leaves] Phone rang about 3:15am.  Mary [MUH] said they had taken Bill to the hospital.  CMH thinks he has stomach virus, he is in room 215B.  Meeting at Airborne.  Don arrived.  Ginny had some luck on the toilet.

Friday 1995 - Martha Freeland and her grand-daughter were in the office.  Martha just can't say "No" to her.  Jean cleaning out file cabinet.  Interesting letter from Leslie Reynolds and our friend in Denmark.  Had lunch at Frisch's in Hillsboro.  Several NV people there including the Glenn Dayes, Jacque Laymons, Clara Sears and Mabel.  Visited Henry [Edwards] while Jean went to Bob and Carl's, milk on sale for $1.79/gal.  Surprise party for Marvin [?] and Betty Hall who are moving to Friendsville TN.  Dean Bernard passed away.  Weather really turned cool.  Borrowed cap from Mitch Gillett.

Wednesday 1999 - Serena headed west, made reservations to meet Roberta at Amana Colonies Iowa after RAGBRAI bike ride.

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