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July 10, 1989-99

Wendy: VBS to [no] marriage

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena]

Monday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Called John in Austria at 6am, he had called us earlier last week, seems to be having a wonderful experience.  Wendy and the D. Hughes children are going to Bible School at Fairview.

Tuesday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] They keep us busy with opening meditation at 6:45, then breakfast and first class at 8am.  No problems on quantity of food – and, oh, the ice cream bar – plenty of heavy food.

Wednesday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Talent night.  One lady "showed pictures" but no picture, that part was plenty long.  Grayson Atha had song "about butter beans."

Saturday 1993 - Mother loves eating fresh peaches, but hard to get her to eat anything else.  Went with the Hortons over to Lake Cowan, as Cris and Angela, Laura and Wil were camping there.  He BBQ'd the chicken.  They were in #124, $12/night.  Got bananas at Bob and Carl's 3lbs/$.

Sunday 1994 - Had letter from the Liggitts.  They are promoting another trip to the Far East for next February.  Linn Woods passed away.

Monday 1995 - [Ginny visiting] Trying to print price list on computer.  Ginny has taken a real liking to the children behind us, they had a big water balloon fight this pm.  Ginny thought she was killed when she had to come home.  For supper we had a "picnic" outside our back door.  Bud McConnell was here putting in some 3-hole electrical plugs.  Ted [Waln] told me he is still having trouble over his departure at Leesburg.

Thrusday 1997 - [to Auburn IN] Left for Auburn where we had reservations at the Auburn Inn, $63.90+ and includes breakfast.  New Holiday Inn Express just down the street.  You go North on Main Street past Country Club then go East and North [to get to Cris's then-residence].  We ate at the Country Club.  They have a BIG house, 3½ baths, though trouble with the septic drain in the back yard.  Ate at Fearrington's in Sidney at the Fair Rd. exit for lunch.

Friday 1998 - Helen Kuntzman came, she retired last April.  Catherine called, "Wendy is getting cooler about getting married."  Putting in handicapped accessible curbs for street crossing here in New Vienna.

Saturday 1999 - [Dallas TX to Hot Springs AR where according to the credit card receipt went to Buckstaff Bath House and stayed at the Hampton Inn]

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