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July 11, 1989-99

Helen Kuntzman

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1988 - [New Orleans LA, with Serena] Visited library in an old mansion on St. Charles Ave.  Had delightful lunch at the Commander's Palace Restaurant, a 4* place.  [Gerry and I tried to eat their twice, first time we were wearing shorts, sign said "No Shorts," second time we wore jeans, small print said "No Jeans" – decided it wasn't our kind of place.]

Tuesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting]

Wednesday 1990 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Enjoyed MV leading the singing.

Thursday 1991 - [Ada OH for School of Missions] Evening Japanese programs at the new [or nice] Freed Center for Performing Arts.

Monday 1994 - Kroger moved to new location, in Walmart Center, where Pick & Save had been.  Cleaned out asparagus bed, got a small mess.  Picked rhubarb and beans.  New walk around city building.  Surprised that Bob and Kent Walker had mowed our entire yard.

Tuesday 1995 - [Ginny visiting]

Thursday 1996 - Weeded the tree and asparagus patch in the garden, snapped the belt on the lawnmower.  Getting CRT replaced at Wells, too much stormy weather.  Had letter from John and Evelyn Spencer in Birmingham AL.  Robbins and Myers above 50.  Our Post Office is putting in more boxes.

Friday 1997 - [Auburn IN to Ada OH for School of Missions] Drove to Lima, got gas at Myers, BIG Store, $108.9¢/gallon.  Nice library.  Had hamburgers at Kewpie's just west on 309 from I-75.  Had corner room in Clark Hall.  June Baylor was there to give us a BIG welcome.  Programs on Brazil or Violence and on Book of Joshua.  Gal with her son next to us was Maureen Hamilton.  Rita Compton and Billy Stevenson were there from Wilmington.

Saturday 1998 - [Helen Kuntzman visiting]  Finished reading Cold Mountain and got the "Titan" at Wilmington Library, biography of John D. Rockefeller.  Took Helen to Waynesville for supper.  We were there at 5pm so avoided the crowd.  Helen has lived in the Mobile Home Park for 10 years.  Got burr haircut at Greg's, $7.  [2010: Rev. Kuntzman used to work for SS Kresge and told how they pushed high profit alcohol drinks.  He wanted to be a part of something for the better of mankind which was why he entered the ministry as a second career.  Article about Rennie Kuntzman found here.]

Sunday 1999 - [Hot Springs AR to Jackson TN, stayed at Comfort Inn, with Serena]

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