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July 4, 1989-99

Kate up to 9+ pounds

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1983 - We left on our 1st Elderhostel to Bergen [Norway] and returned from Copenhagen on 7/23/83.  Plane fare was $967.44.

Tuesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Dug up roots of weeds around Wells.  Hortons and Grandma were up, afterwards played Rummy-O and Uno.

Wednesday 1990 - Mowed behind uptown warehouse.   Our church had the Chicken BBQ, $4.75 each.   Hot, hot day.  Cris and daughter Laura arrived.  Got poison ivy someplace.  Jean bought yellow NV celebration T-shirt from Kevin for $8.50. 

Thursday 1991 - We chaired the UMC Chicken BBQ, things went well.  Ed Johnson gave the message downtown, "Salute our Troops".  He was in the Air Force 30½ years. 

Saturday 1992 - [Kentucky] Bob (the fellow across the street from the Crowsons) and I unloaded the furniture, trimmed the shrubbery.

Sunday 1993 - John, Julie and Kate arrived about 4pm.  Kate is up to 9+ pounds and seems quiet.  We went down and hit some tennis balls.

Monday 1994 - [Family Reunion in Estes Park CO]

Tuesday 1995 - [Somerset KY] We ate at Lee's Ferry near Somerset

Thursday 1996 - [to KY] We tore down the fun place [playhouse?] in our backyard and left here at 11am.  Had lunch at the T.... exit next to Rafferty's.  Had reservations at Fairfield Inn on east side of Louisville.  Ate at Piccadilly Cafeteria, the only one in KY.  Visited Barnes and Noble bookstore. 

Friday 1997 - Picked up sticks in our back yard.  Went to Hillsboro about 3PM to Bell Festival and County Fairgrounds.  Saw Doris Jean Price, she has been retired for 5 years and worked in Recorders Office and Probate Court for 47 years.  Told me Ruth had passed away 6 months ago.  Wilma Watts had a dish booth.  Maureen Eyre and Shelly were serving pork sandwiches.  Had supper at Arby's, 5 patty melts for $4.

Sunday 1999 - [Family Reunion in Glorieta NM] 6:30 service in prayer garden, then breakfast, $4, lunch is $5 and supper is $6 – good choice of fresh fruit, etc. etc.  We are in #5749, Building E in Thunderbird Ct., overlooking the lake.  At 5pm we met at the stables and 34 of us (3 rode in car – Don, his Mother and MV) rode in two wagons to picnic site.  Very pleasant place, with plenty of places to sit, horse shoe court and volley ball area.  Had forgotten how uncoordinated I am.  Had chicken with peppers, hot dogs, biscuits, beverages and peach cobbler which was cooked with wood coals on top.  Got back here [Conference Center] about 9pm.  At lunch we were at NambĂ© Indian Reservation [Pueblo], $8 to get in, nice hike to water falls.

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