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August 1, 1989-99

Alaska and Hawaii

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Kauai, Hawaii] Didn't sleep too well, we have room 12, in building F, nice living room with porch, 2 beds in separate room, bath and kitchen.  Went for walk along water up to the Sheraton, buffet was $9.95, near us is Porky where buffet is $3.95 and looked about the same.  Went for a swim and headed north about 10am, visiting the Kilauea Lighthouse (built 1913) and church built of volcanic stone.  Drove around the big development at Princeville.  Had lunch at Charo's near Haena Beach Park.  Lots of beautiful green scenery, reminded me of pictures I have seen of the hills near Guilin China.  Had ice cream at Lappert's, small cone is $1.75, nice library in Kapaa but no sign outside.  Traffic is virtually a constant stream.  Drove up to Opaekaa Falls and visited the market area.  Had supper in our room, had bought a very good pineapple at 39¢/lb.

Wednesday 1990 - We walked down to Ralph's and got ice cream cones, 45¢ for the small size.  Visited Ray Rayl on the way home.  They built the house in 1982, came here because they thought NV was a friendly place.  Got water bill, 417 cubic feet, base rate is $3.67 + usage $10.42, sewer $10 + $5.62, total $33.01.

Thursday 1991 - [Denali National Park to Anchorage Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left the Crow's Nest and Don and Jean took the 50 minute helicopter ride.  Breakfast at McKinley Cabins about 14 miles south, had a big bowl of hot cereal.  Jean got bag at Wasilla Library, we went to Carr's and got some fruit in the PM, also the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla.  Visited Eklutna Historical Park which included a Russian Church.  Went to the Loussac Library [in Anchorage], they closed at 4.  Ended up eating at Phyllis's [Cafe and Salmon Bake] as other places had a 45 minute wait.

Saturday 1992 - Crowsons got a slow start, were going to see Ruth S. and then to Middletown to see frineds.  Catherine called at 8:15, 5:15 her time.  Had our first red tomato out of the garden.  John and Julie played tennis here in NV.

Sunday 1993 - [Jacksonville to Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] Breakfast came with our room.  Supper to be at one of the best restaurants in Oregon.  Took a tour of the [Southern Oregon University] facility in the afternoon.

Tuesday 1995 - Wrote final checks on GHU estate.  Then RS Clearance is supposed to be coming.  Jean went to Dr. Moore here in NV, then to CMH for x-ray, she has some congestion in her chest.  First rain in about a month.  Gene and Hilda left for Amsterdam.

Thursday 1996 - [Calgary, Alberta Canada] To Olympic Park, simulated a bob sled ride.  Ate at the Tea Room.

Friday 1997 - Martha Freeland in office with granddaughter for dissolution, her second and she will be 20 in November, what a problem.  Also Randy Whalen matter.

Saturday 1998 - [Niagara-on-the-Lake to Toronto Ontario Canada]

Sunday 1999 - Had SS lesson on Ezekiel 25.

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