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July 30, 1989-99

Lots of compliments for MV

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - MV had charge of music at Emmaus meeting – a lot of compliments.  We went over at 4:00, testimonials ended about 6:30.

Tuesday 1991 - [Denali National Park Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Had breakfast at McKinley Chalet; got glass bolo tie.  Ice cream at Lynd Creek Pizza, 1 dip $2, two dips $2.75.  Bought video of "Iditarod Race," I talked with producer.  Had tickets for shuttle ride into the park at 1pm, 66 miles to the Eielson Visitor Center.  Buses every 20 minutes, saw caribou, grizzly bear and two cubs, fox, marlots, a lot of sheep and many glaciated areas.  As usual Mt. McKinley was clouded over.  [The name of the park was changed from McKinley National Park to Denali N.P. and Preserve in 1980, but despite local opposition the mountain has maintained the name Mt. McKinley.]

Friday 1993 - [Vancouver WA to Eugene OR] We drove up to Mt. St. Helens, the Forest Visitor Center just opened this year.  [Eruption on May 18, 1980 was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the US.]  Spent the night in Eugene with the Morgans, had supper at a Chinese Restaurant near the Best Western motel and the University of Oregon.

Saturday 1994 - Went to Otterbein Home, house open, Wayne Wills is 83, just got married last week.  Lone line at the Fish Fry.  We had a snack, ice cream cones 50¢.  Ate at 4:00, Don and Martha Ann Bernard were just behind us in line.

Sunday 1995 - Jean had SS lesson on Job.  Minister and Mary [MUH] here for lunch then Jean helped with Emmaus in Wilmington.  I cleaned out some files at Wells.  Still hot.  Phoenix had 118°, 96° here.

Tuesday 1996 - [Edmonton to Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada] Went to Wetaskiwin for Reynolds-Alberta Transportation Museum, very interesting. 

Wednesday 1997 - Dizzy all day, after vomiting in pm I felt better.

Thursday 1998 - [to Ashland OH] Left home about 3pm, brief stop at London Public Library, ice cream place nearby.  Supper at Der Dutchman in Plain City, bigger than Waynesville.  Stopped at Delaware Public Library, then to Ashland, drove by National Latex [?] and Eagle, then to AmeriHost, Room 229.

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