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July 3, 1989-99

MV & Ginny out of hospital

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] More rain.  Moving jack blister machines across the street.

Tuesday 1990 - 7pm church service downtown.  Rev. from Mt. Olive spoke, is he HEAVY.  The Sid Clays have moved back, now minister of NV Church of Christ, 9 years ago they were at Mt. Olive.  The Friends also have a new minister.  John came down.

Friday 1992 - [to Kentucky]  MV and Ginny dismissed from hospital at noon.  We left NV at 11, had picnic en route.  Church members brought in food for supper.  It seemed like a long trip in Don's pick-up with the couch (bed) and the love seat with the tarp flapping.

Saturday 1993 - [St. Louis MO to home] Back from Branson at 7pm.  Had lunch in Terre Haute.

Sunday 1994 - [Family Reunion in Estes Park CO] Went to UMC in Estes Park, a very new congregation and way out from town.  In PM drove up the old one lane road, hail at the top, cold and windy, great view.

Monday 1995 - [Somerset KY]

Wednesday 1996 - Lions Club, Pete ______ of the Sheriff's Dept. spoke.  Dana Dunseith is the new president, only had 12 members present.  Had Bible Study here.  Bought 18" shrubbery trimmer at Ace Hardware, $49.95.  Esther Salisbury is having trouble getting around.

Thursday 1997 - Still working on inventory at Wells.  Monthly pay date for Elsie [to] Tom Gibson is $1200/month.  Talking with Bill Howards, they are going to Lake Cumberland for a house boat vacation.  Picked 3rd tomato.

Saturday 1999 - [Family Reunion in Glorieta NM] Went for an hour horseback ride, $19, near the end my horse knelt down and then rolled over on my leg, just a shin scrape.

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