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July 5, 1989-99

Kate sleeps 8 hours, new record

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Lions Club meeting, Tom Terrell is President.  Tom K..... and Mrs. Hayes spoke on CMH Fund Drive.  Bob Walker brought delicious turkey.

Thursday 1990 - John left at 5am, was to meet his pastor at 7am for breakfast.  He is planning to go to California in January if he can raise support.

Friday 1991 - Put new wheel on wheelbarrow ($7.99), disked the garden.  Took the Hortons to the Kirk Walker and Tammy Rice wedding at Wilmington Catholic Church with reception at Roberts Arena.  About 250 there, full meal.  Joan Gruber made the cake.  Interesting to see Mike Williams and his two sons.  GG surprised us with her jitterbugging ability.  We stayed until 10:30.

Sunday 1992 - [Kentucky] Went to Williamsburg UMC Sunday School.  One class of 6 adults and stayed for church, about 25 there.  Later we drove to the Liberty Log Cabin Church, which has 1 member.  Then in the evening we went to the Pleasant View Church, they have lots of enthusiasm.

Monday 1993 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting]  Went over to see Mother, she is back at Heartland in #206.  John, Julie and Kate left about noon, then we left and had lunch at Friendly's Ice Cream in Xenia.  The service was disorganized, their ice cream cones are $1.20.  Had watermelon roll ice cream for dessert.   We left our car there and rode our bikes to Yellow Springs and back.  Oh yes, John and Julie were happy that Kate had slept for eight hours, a new record.

Tuesday 1994 - [Family Reunion in Estes Park CO] Went to Bear Lake, wheelchair path around, took Don, also hiked up to Alberta Lake.

Wednesday 1995 - [Somerset KY to home with Ginny] Came back from visiting the Crowsons, met Jeanne Sanker for lunch at Iron Skillet in Newtown, Ohio.  Bill Wolfe spoke on baseball cards at Lions Club.  Ginny came home with us as her baby sitter is on vacation.

Friday 1996 - [Louisville KY] Lots of people in Hotel [Fairfield Inn] involved in the soccer playoffs.  Took the tour of Churchill Downs and had lunch there.  Then to Col. Sanders Museum.  He got fired from his job of clearing the woods for $2/month + room and board.  Then to Speed Art Museum which is being reconstructed.  Visited the Brown Hotel and the Seelbach [Hotel, a "plush" place in Louisville per MV].  Had supper at the _________ Bookstore, we liked this better than Barnes and Noble.

Saturday 1997 - Cleaned the street around Wells and the warehouse, in PM cut up the fallen trees.  Lucky a falling limb hit the ladder rather than me.  Went to Spillway Lodge, a busy place.  Orange Roughy was $13.95, salad bar and either potato or broccoli (a big serving).  Went to Lake Cowan, took a boat tour for $5, a nice 1 hour + and rode with Calvin Pyle (a great fisherman) and Steve Valentine, both volunteers.  The lake was built in 1949, they say another 50 years [that would now be 36 years] it will be filled in.  Sailboat is $22 for 2 hours.

Monday 1999 - [Family Reunion in Glorieta NM] About 6am Mares knocked on door and said that they found Grandma Dorothy [Cindy Horton's Grandmother] dead in their bathroom.  We walked over to the 6:30 service in the prayer garden, lots of pretty flowers.  Interesting enough he spoke about how death can relieve us of our pains, etc.  We had pictures taken on the steps of the Cafeteria.  About 10:30 Jean and I went with John, Julie, Kate and Betty Ashcraft to Santa Fe.  Went to Houshang's Gallery on Canyon Road and then to Plaza to walk around.  We met Roberta, Sid, MUH, Bea (MUH's friend), Laura, Geneva (Don's Mother) at Tomasita's Restaurant (2 stars, extra value in Mobil) located in 1904 RR Station.  A busy place.  John let us out at Eldorado Hotel (4*), got NYT for $1.  O'Keefe museum closed.  Got ice cream cone, $2/dip.

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