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July 26, 1987-99

Uncle Bill's last flight

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1987 - [Guttenberg Iowa to points west] Jean, MV, and Wendy arrived at 8:30, had picnic breakfast near the river.  Hosts took us for a ride on the river, what a HOT experience.  We took them out for dinner, got started west at 2pm with both bikes on van's top.

Thursday 1990 - Dug a few onions out of the garden. Went ⃞ dancing.  Jean working on Mother's Club 50th Anniversary program.

Friday 1991 - [Valdez to Fairbanks Alaska with Don and Martha Ann Bernard] Left Valdez, beautiful drive through canyon, a little rough road from permafrost heaves.  Had lunch near Mile 190, finally a picnic table, many fish spawning.  Had reservations at Klondike Inn, much to be desired.  Through a lot of calls stayed with Jan and David Underhill, 1331 Pedro (six children) and a long story about their church.  Had supper at the ice cream place on College Rd, what a line.

Tuesday 1994 - Took Bill by air to University Hospital in Cincinnati, where they got him stabilized.  Put a ventilator in him.  Went out to see the Harners who gave us some pepper plants and also some sweet potato shoots.  O.D.'s eye still bothers him and he doesn't go to Dr.

Friday 1996 - [Kalispell MT to Banff, Alberta Canada] On to Banff.  Entry into park [Banff National Park] for three days is $24.  Spent four hours at Fort Steele [British Columbia, a gold rush boom town of 1864].  In Banff up to Upper Springs, big hotel.  Gas 56¢/liter, $1 worth $1.23 Canadian.

Saturday 1997 - [Rhode Island, with John, Julie and Kate] Left Green Tree in R.I. about 7, with a donut stop at Bess Easton.

Sunday 1998 - [Somerset KY to home] Went to 8:45 service at Somerset UMC, they seem to like their new minister.  Had brunch at Michael G's near airport, opened in spring of 1997.  They coated the parking lot at the UMC in NV.

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