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July 17, 1987-99

Uncle Bill plays pool

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - Bible School Program at church, then worked with the runners in the garden.  Got the Trek bike in the box, easy when done right.  Roberta called, she had called all the people in Iowa where we will be staying.

Monday 1989 - Cultivated the garden, green beans are ready.  Jean and MUH went to Columbus with Senior Citizens to see "Son of Heaven" exhibit.  Bill H. really enjoys "pool" at the Senior Citizens.

Tuesday 1990 - We went to Otterbein Home to see the Finchs, legal business, lunch at Golden Lamb, $15, then to Kings Toyota, Eastgate Acura, Honda East, Toyota (he took us on long drive before we tried it) and then to Dayton Mall Honda where we finally got a white Honda Accord for $14,000 (sticker $15,900), they wanted $14,600.  Had a snack at R...'s across the street.

Wednesday 1991 - Hortons went to Berne Indiana with the NV Senior Citizens.

Friday 1992 - [Key West, Florida]  Got an Alamo rental car, drove 30 miles,, saw Hemingway home, the library and sunset from the pier at 8:26, lots of people and boat activity.  Had a nice (and expensive) lunch at Louie's Backyard

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Met Roberta at Columbus airport, also John, Julie, Kate and the Ashcrafts.  Lithopolis for lunch at the Stratford Inn.  John and Roberta took pictures of the "cousins."  Serena surprised us in coming.  We came home via Circleville & 138.  Went to Hillsboro, GHU had another x-ray, temperature up to 102°.

Sunday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

Monday 1995 - [Lakeside to home] Went to 9:30 devotion by Mike Williams.  Jean got dress and had lunch at Lakeside Hotel, lunch for "newcomers."  Visited with the Jones in Galion, their son-in-law is now CEO of Emery Air Freight.  Had supper at A La Carte in Columbus, just north of Lane on High St.

Wednesday 1996 - Started wearing bike helmet after reading about this boy in Leesburg who was in a coma for 30 days after a bike accident.

Saturday 1999 - [Ohio Northern School of Missions] Big news about JFK, Jr., his wife and her sister involved in a fatal plane crash near Martha's Vineyard yesterday.

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