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June 4, 1989-99 Mie Young's wedding

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Ate at Ponderosa, a child's plate fell off the salad bar and really messed up [my] suit that has to be cleaned.  Mie Young Kim's wedding at 5:30 at Withrow Nature Preserve, exit 64 I-275.  Visited Martha Brewer, she has been there 3 years and 5 months, still only about half filled.  Overnight at Mariemont Inn, room 244, $47.85 total, small room but adequate, nice bath.  MV stayed with us.  She has lost 40 pounds.  Took the #28 bus downtown to the Geneva Seminar on How to Sell Your Business ($95)

Monday 1990 - [Turkey]

Tuesday 1991 - [Wendy arrives]  We went to Columbus to meet Wendy, had a snack at White Castle, then Odd Lots in WCH, Aldi (they charge 4¢ for a bag) then McDonald's and the Library.  Jean got a card there.  Mother had a spell wanting me.  Bernards called re: an earlier flight to Anchorage at 6AM via Atlanta. 

Thursday 1992 - [to KY]  We went to Richmond KY, met MV and Don at Cracker Barrel, the Deacon ordination service was at 7:30 and reception in Powell Hall.  We had reservations at a Best Western at Exit 90 – $38, Room 211, with continental breakfast.

Friday 1993 - Went to Hillsboro for lock box opening for E.Q. Fawley.  Brought back Elsie Satterfield for will change, GG took her to lunch at Wooden Spoon, then to Wilmington for the Hadley closing [see 6/3/91].

Saturday 1994 - [Indianapolis with John for Promise Keepers] We were at the place [Hoosier Dome] around 8:30 and were there for 14 hours, several inspirational speakers.  Box lunch and box supper, said it would be in Guinness Book of Records to serve 62,000 in 1½ hours.  "Live" is evil turned around.

Sunday 1995 - [KY to home] We went to Somerset UMC then a quick lunch at Wendy's as MV was to sing at a funeral.  They had talked of sending Ginny home with us but changed their minds as Don is to preach next Sunday.  Had supper at Boston Chicken.

Tuesday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Wednesday 1997 - [Columbus for ESOP and OSBA] ESOP meeting at hotel, John was there along with three others from PNB.  Kind of deep stuff.  At 1:00 we "moved" to Crown Plaza on National Blvd, a construction zone.  Room 806 at $99/night with parking at $8 down the street.  Ate nearby at 55 Blvd.

Friday 1999 - [Mary, Ginny and Christian visiting]  We all went to Wilmington, I had bar meeting, the family ate at Ponderosa and got bids on the car repair [dented on 6/2/99].  Put some spray on the poison ivy.  Ginny tried to play tennis.  She is a little short to put things into the recycle bin.

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