Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 1989-99 Serena moves to Greenville

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Bible School Program at NVUMC at 11AM.  Had Satterfield hearing in Hillsboro, election to take under the law.

Saturday 1990 - Serena called us from Greenville OH.  We called John and he and Clint met us at Bob Evans at 72 and I-70 in Springfield and we rode the rest of the way (53 miles) together.  Serena really had the van loaded.  Jean, John and I did visit the library, very nice.  John asked about a place to eat – The Dot – right near to Serena, $33 for the 5 of us.  TCBY is right next door.  Back in NV at 10:15.

Sunday 1991 - Sunday School lesson, Genesis 12-16.  Lunch at Ponderosa in Chillicothe.  Went to Adena, $2.40 each and Mound City area.  Back through Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1992 - [Lexington KY to home] We walked to the hospital, 1 mile, and MV had soft food for lunch.  Since MV seemed to be having plenty of visitors we came back to NV in their pick-up so we could bring the couch back to KY.  Listened to tape of Don's sermon about David and Goliath.

Wednesday 1993 - [Branson MO, From Itinerary:  Breakfast at the Peppercorn Restaurant.  Ride the DUCKS!  Dinner at Mel's Restaurant.  Mel Tillis 8pm]

Thursday 1994 - [Denver Colorado with Aunt Mary] Visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore, a huge place.  Met the Crowsons.

Sunday 1996 - Getting 3 new windows put in, worked over asparagus patch.

Monday 1997 - Roberta and Sid left from Columbus as they spent the night with John, Julie and Kate.  Charlene [_______?] birthday on 7/3.

Wednesday 1999 - [KS to Denver CO en route to Santa Fe with Serena]

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