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June 12, 1989-99 Baby mattress for Ginny

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Joe, Mares, Robert and Wes visiting] We all went to the Hickory House for supper for an early birthday celebration for Mother.  The Carrs and W's sister joined us. Visited Hiestand grave sites. More rain.

Tuesday 1990 - [Turkey]

Wednesday 1991 - Planted 3 fruit trees in front of the garden, $5/tree, end of the season.  In the WNJ that 25 years ago haircuts were going to $1.75 from $1.50.

Friday 1992 - Jean went with Jeanne Sanker to program at Hyde Park Church on the mission trip to Puerto Rico. I visited Martha Brewer, she is in the Courtyard at the Seasons, a huge ritzy place near Montgomery and Miami Rd.   Bought baby mattress at Van Linens [presumably for baby-to-be Ginny].

Saturday 1993 - Our church had the BBQ at the Fire House, adults $5, children $3.  Served 200 and ran out of chicken. Hours were supposed to be 4-7.  Mother out today, but ate soup well.  Stephens Hardware Store auction today, after 72 years.

Sunday 1994 - Sid Clay spoke at downtown service.  Had big sheet with circles from immersion at birth to Heaven or Hell at the end. We went to Wilmington, lunch at Chinese place near K-Mart. Had the meal before we finished the soup, then the fortune cookie before we finished the meal. $6.50 each with soup and entree.  Left article on Frank Lloyd Wright with Darlene Meyers. Visited Nellie Thornburg in CMH, she had fallen but no broken bones. Got 5 bags of hardwood mulch at Rhoades for $10.

Wednesday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Thursday 1997 - Had Edwards appointment at 9AM then to Xenia for same, then 2PM lock box opening on Hadley. Jean worked for Senior Citizens. Hagemeyer looked at GHU wallpaper possibilities. Elvis Wigit passed away, he worked for Wells from 1971-84. He was always having garage sales.

Friday 1998 - [Washington PA to New Cumberland WV to home]  After breakfast at the motel [Hampton Inn] we headed for New Cumberland, to Court House where Jean's cousin, Mary Jo Kessell, is chief deputy, to library, talked to gal (heavy set) who has been there 13 years.  Went to cemetery, go to the right for Ballantyne lot. In library interesting new item on wall about history of New Cumberland, how the Freemans opened the clay business in 1820 even before New Cumberland was a town, also about the Brown who started the newspaper in 1876.  Had lunch at a little place on US-22 in Piedmont.  Drove back to see Salt Fork Lake Lodge [near Claysville OH].  Supper at Cracker Barrel.

Saturday 1999 - Chicken BBQ at Fire House, they cooked the chicken in Hause's [?] yard, heard they cooked 250 halves, we brought home 12 at $3 each.  I was tired after helping to move tables and chairs, and serving chickens for two hours.  The hours were from 4-7.  Had nice visit with Don Bernards.  Still no rain.

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