Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19, 1989-99 Leaving Istanbul

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [ElderHostel in Athens OH]

Tuesday 1990 -  [Turkey to London to NYC to Dayton OH] Left Istanbul for London then to NYC.

Wednesday 1991 - Fairview Friends having Chicken BBQ, $5.50 and $3.

Friday 1992 - Kintners and Serena arrived [Morgans, Kings and Joe arrived yesterday]  – 20 here for supper.  Jean had the chicken from the BBQ and it went well.

Saturday 1993 - MV and Ginny left about 8AM for Williamsburg.  We went to Wilmington about 10 for Clement Sale and had lunch at Donato's.  Found out after we got home that they had taken Mother to the Hillsboro Hospital because her temperature had gone to 104° due to a urinary infection.  We went to Fairview BBQ, $5.50 and $3.  They had a chicken fillet and also pork, plus beans, apple sauce, beverage and dessert.  Mother's cherries are turning red.  Ran across business card of Maxine and Walter (now deceased) Wilson in Lakeside FL.

Monday 1995 - [ElderHostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Wednesday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Saturday 1999 - Had form letter from Kendall, have gotten site at Burg and New Burg St in Granville.  Will be about four years before move in time.

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