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June 29, 1989-99 Welcome, Virginia Katelyn Crowson

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Put out 26 new strawberry plants, from our old patch. 

Saturday 1991 - Mother seemed sleepy today.  Jean and I rode bikes out to Careytown and back.  Bob and Carl's with coupon has 1 gallon of milk for 99¢.  Painting up truck at Wells.

Monday 1992 - [Lexington KY] MV was to be at the hospital – Central Baptist at 5:00, "C" scheduled at 7:30, but delayed until 8:00 because of an emergency.  Baby [Ginny] born at 8:28.  Don was with her and we talked with MV around 11:00, she is in room 216, seemingly no restrictions on visitors.  A big baby at 10lbs 2oz, 21½" long, light hair.  Had supper at Applebee's, the steamed vegetables was a huge serving.

Tuesday 1993 - [Rolla to Branson MO.  From Itinerary:  Breakfast at Shoney's, arrive in Branson at 3:30, staying a the Eagles Inn.  Dinner at Contrary Mary's.  Wayne Newton at 8PM.]

Wednesday 1994 - [Grand Junction to Denver Colorado with Aunt Mary] Jean and I went for a swim in the big city pool, they have a jacuzzi chair that you put in 25¢ for 5 minutes.  Lunch in Vail, what a huge parking garage.  No cars on the business street but a free bus.  Had lunch at Blu's at 193 E. Gore Creek Dr.  Nice library.  Back to Denver where we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Englewood area.

Saturday 1996 - [Covington KY to home] Had breakfast in the room, then a swim.  Got to the zoo about 10:45, parking $4.50 realized later we could have parked in the zoo grounds, rather than in the lot across the street.  Regular admission is $8.  Met John, Julie and Kate there, they, like the Crowsons had brought a wagon.  They [wagons] came in handy with the girls and hauling the big ice box to the picnic grounds for a picnic.  At 2pm they had a show – Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.  This is Ginny's 4th birthday, she liked the little monkeys who were wearing diapers.  We left around 4 and had supper at Wendy's near Mariemont.  Can't recall when I saw so many young children with wagons, etc. and such a HOT day.

Sunday 1997 - [Somerset KY to home with Roberta, Sid, John, Julie, Kate, Serena] Had breakfast at the Crowsons, then to Church.  The Crowsons had the altar flowers for Ginny and GHU, 100 years apart.  We left there after lunch at Lee's Ford with a stop at U. of Cincinnati at UDF.  The youth had the program on their mission trip to Chicago.  Roberta gave me the brown vest with lots of pockets, also the shorts with a zipper pocket.

Tuesday 1999 - [Kansas City MO to KS en route to Santa Fe with Serena]

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Catherine said...

Corrected 4-DF to UDF [United Dairy Farmers] ice cream place per Dad's correction. Thanks!

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