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June 26, 1989-99 Ginny to be born on 6/29

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Another 90°+ day.  Trimmed back the bushes between our house and the parsonage.

Tuesday 1990 - Finished up last year's carrots.

Wednesday 1991 - Duke, our Chicago rep. came to Wells.  He started in 1972.  Got a load of top soil.  NV school is converting the old gym into a library area.  Jean picked peas.

Friday 1992 - MV called, had been to the M.D. and she will have a "C-Section" on 6/29 at 7:30.  Everett Roush passed away.  [He was born in 1919]

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] First sign of green beans in the garden.

Sunday 1994 - [Leadville Colorado with Aunt Mary] Took train ride out of Leadville, where the Arkansas River starts.  Visited the Tabor Opera House, quite an interesting [tour guide], she is 81 and got her Mother to buy the place for her inheritance.  We invited her out to dinner, to a Chinese Restaurant and then she showed us her house, just north of the Chamber of Commerce, quite ornate, many colors and with a Maytag name in the front window. 

Monday 1995 - [ElderHostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Wednesday 1996 - Bible Study at Hannahs.  Item in WNJ about new motel going up NW of Walmart in Wilmington.  Got new tires on my bikes, takes 110# air pressure.

Thursday 1997 - [Roberta and Sid visiting]

Saturday 1999 - [Indianapolis to Urbana IL to St. Louis, with Serena] Serena left early for a swim and to get goggles.  We had OJ and muffins at Mrs. Fields in the Mall.  On to Urbana where we met the Blairs, [Jean went to library school and/or worked with her] he is quite hard of hearing.  Took them to Silvercreek for lunch, very nice.  He took us on a tour of U.I. campus and she prepared orange sherbet and cookies for us.  Had reservations at Hampton Inn at 22nd and Market [St. Louis], Suite 103, plenty of signs about taking all things out of the car.  Ordered a pizza and ended up getting 2.

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