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June 21, 1989-99 Twenty of family in Church

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [ElderHostel in Athens OH]  We had Chinese banquet at Lam's Garden on East State St. in Athens.  Enjoyed riding the bike path along the river.  I had room 124 [Jean and Wendy were at different ElderHostel in TN] in Howard Hall.  The meals, if purchased are breakfast $3.50, lunch $4.40 and dinner $5.50.  Program cost $240. 

Thursday 1990 - Picked big basket of peas, they are prolific.  Planted cabbage, beans.  Jean took Josephine Harner to Emmaus weekend.

Friday 1991 - Left at 8AM to go to Cincinnati airport to get Wendy who was returning from Daytona Beach.  We went to old Union Terminal (now a museum)  saw IMAX movie on Yellowstone ($5 each), then to Rockwood Pottery for lunch.  Home via King's Island outlet mall, lots of vacant places.  Supper at Fairview Church ($3 and $5 for tickets).  Serena arrived, she will have 2 weeks between Greenville and Hamilton. 

Sunday 1992 - There were 20 of our family at church, then we went to the Wooden Spoon, $5.95 each.  Joe came back in another car with our car keys so we had to call him and he came back and got us.  After supper we went for a walk out to the end of Cemetery Rd and back, 2 miles.  Then watched video of John and Julie's wedding.  John and Julie brought me a plaid tie - Joseph A. Banks.  Ed's message: "Who are we trying to impress?"  Galatians 1:1-10.

Monday 1993 - Went to Ramada Inn at I-71 and Pfister Rd. [near Cincinnati] for Enrolled Agent Program on taxes, "When John Doe dies," $1.50 for 6.75 hours [credit].  Jean met Serena for brunch.  She got us some onion and dill bread.  We met Don and MV at Arby's in Dry Ridge at 6:30 for supper and brought Ginny home with us so that MV can take their Bell Choir to Huntsville AL this next weekend.  Mother was awake today.

Wednesday 1995 - [ElderHostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Friday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Saturday 1997 - Moving day for the Kings (Pastor).  Bob Walker brought load of mulch (hard wood).  Put two "scoops" over at the church and four scoops here at at the parsonage, that was a lot of shoveling.  Went to Chicken/Pork BBQ at Fairview Friends, $5.50 and $3.  O.D. Harner still big [on] tearing down house.  Tomatoes starting to turn red.  Hauses brought us strawberries.  Dr. Hause has been painting hallway at church.

Sunday 1998 - Ran into Jo (Anaritus) Brown at WPL, she is all excited about this around the world RR trip, 40 days for $15,000.  June issue of National Geographic has big article on Trans Siberian RR.  Spoke at Kiwanis Club in Wilmington as guest of Don Bernard.  George Sheling sat next to us.  He and Helen were married in 1953.  Put moth balls near plants, rabbits eat so much.

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