Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb. 24, 1989-99 Wendy loses wisdom (teeth)

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]
Friday 1989 - Went to Hillsboro to witness Power of Attorney for Mabel Bailey (Russ Powell's sister).  Had waffles for supper.  Meeting at church re Unquenchable Fire.  Decided to have free will chicken noodle dinner on 4/2.  Carolyn Thornburg and Joan Gruber to be co-chairs, Charlene McCoppin [corrected per Mary's comment] on publicity.

Saturday 1990 - [to Florida]  Visited Don and Martha Ann Bernard, he has had a knee operation, then non-stop to West Palm Beach to meet GHU and Roberta who arrived form Phoenix.

Sunday 1991 - [Texas]  Went to UMC in Harlingen, great crowd, lunch at Luby's then drove to Corpus Christi.  Stayed at La Quinta, visited art museum, convention center, and Public Library which was open until 6pm on Sundays.  Went to H-E-B grocery and got bread and milk for supper and breakfast.

Monday 1992 - [Israel]

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Thursday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Friday 1995 - Wendy had all her wisdom teeth pulled.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa to London]  Left Johannesburg for London.  Had great room at Penn Club #1 on first floor and with large electric heater.  [This must have been written later as they don't actually arrive in London until 2/25 according to tomorrow's entry.]

Tuesday 1998 - [North Carolina]  Serena came over, went for a swim and then had lunch at place near craft store.  Went downtown to what was the Kress store, now an "antique mall".  Parked in lot behind library.   Walked into several other shops and then had a vegetarian supper at Laughing Seed.  Serena had to work at J Crew at 7pm so we went to health food store across the river, a lot of bulk stuff.  Then to Books-A-Million

Wednesday 1999 -  Another "Day" hearing.  Had lunch at Samuel Walkers, problem with discount coupon.  Reading the New Cumberland papers that Jeanne Sanker brought up.

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1989...small correction: Charlene McCoppin

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