Monday, February 01, 2010

Feb. 1, 1957,1989-99 Dear Dies, Wendy gets driver's license

Notes from Dad's Diary 1957, 1989-1999

Thursday 1957 - Jean's Mother [Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne, known to her grandchildren as "Dear," born May 23, 1880, died February 1, 1957 at the age of 76] passed away.

Wednesday 1989 - Jean went for eye exam.  Bob and Carls having special on bananas for 19 cents/pound.  Linda Compton spoke at Lions Club.  January water bill was $16.80 (525 cubic feet), trash $3.30.  Meeting at church re Key Event.

Saturday 1992 -  MUH called worried about clothes for the trip.

Monday 1993 - Long meeting at the UMC Board Meeting about buying a copier.

Tuesday 1994 - Talked with the Crowsons, think Don's blackout was from high blood pressure.  Wendy called us that she has her driver's license.  Jean had Randy Riley from CMH as speaker at Mothers Club.  Had our bathroom faucets repaired.

Thursday 1996 - Article in NYT about the mod Wegman's supermarket in DeWitt NY (near Syracuse).

Saturday 1997 - Got haircut at Gary's $7.  Letter from the Greenbrier Hotel, annual meeting 4/16-4/20, per person double rate is $1130.  In 1994 the rate per person double was $680.  Two motels in Wilmington nearing completion.  WNJ article says the Wilmington bypass was #15 on the state's projects list.  Saw ad in WSJ, Southwest Airlines $99 one way to Phoenix.  Went to Lynchburg to see the new library, very nice.  Went square dancing in Hillsboro, Topper McGuthy [?] was the caller, he keeps you moving.

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