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Feb. 12, 1989-99 Lunch at the Breakers

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - [Peoria IL to Dayton] Went to Arcadia Avenue Presbyterian Church, then had lunch at the Raintree (Regency Hotel) [neither Raintree or Regency currently listed in Peoria], they were not busy.  Drove out to Serena's library.  Left for home, supper on 16th St in Indianapolis, stayed at Knights Inn on York Rd (Dayton North) for $26.  NVUMC attendance = 82.

Monday 1990 - Jean takes van to Dayton to get wheel chair lift put in and go to library meeting.  Roberta called, GHU in great pain, got new medicine @$117 which she thought was terrible [both the medicine and the price probably]. 

Tuesday 1991 - Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena, $15 each or 2 for $25.  Bob McEwen spoke.  HQT, AW Hause, Ed Johnson, Stan Hannah and I went.

Friday 1993 - [NYC]  Busy day at the Toy Building.  Bruce came over for breakfast and saw most of the salesmen.  We went to the theater just off 3rd Ave on 13th to see Scapin by Moliere.  Quite enjoyable, about a belligerant father and his son getting married, a lot of audience participation. 

Saturday 1994 - [Newark] Had brunch in Granville with John and Julie and Julie's parents.  Then we stopped at the so-called Bargain Barn of Huntington Clothes, did buy a necktie for $5.  Newark was a sea of ice, much wose than NV and Shaw Drive was really bad.  John took our car in and out of the driveway.  First time in two years than Denison canceled classes.

Sunday 1995 - Met the Goodings in Waynesville for lunch.  $6.95.  Bob has been busy helping Jim on his "new" house.  We then went to Xenia Library.  Returned John's call, he is going to Mexico City with their minister on Thursday and returning Saturday in regard to Mission.  More zero weather though great sunshine.

Wednesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Thursday 1998 - Taking pictures at church for the new directory. 

Friday 1999 - [Florida]  Eight of us had lunch at the Breakers -- an experience.  Tip was 19% and entrees @24.95.  An interesting dessert was the 1/2 coconut filled with ice cream, etc.  Then they took the coconut back and sliced it for us.

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