Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 10, 1989-99 Grandma's House sold

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - [Peoria IL]  Lions Club Pancake Supper at ECHS @$2.50/each.  Serena didn't feel like doing much, very little appetite.  We ate at Ponderosa.

Saturday 1990 - Lions Club Pork Chop Dinner, $4 and $2.50.  I was in charge of publicity and ticket committee.  Mary, Bill and I went to see GHU.  While we were there Vivian (79) and Mugs (85) came to visit also.  We ate at the Hickory House [near Hillsboro?  only ones I found were near Columbus], liver and onions $5.15.

Monday 1992 - Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner @$15.  We took the Jacque Laymons and HQ Thornburg, about 400 present.  Mike DeWine spoke, they are expecting their 8th child, oldest is 23.

Wednesday 1993 - Kroger had strawberries @99c/pint.  Bible study wind up on Book of Acts.  Another McKay Hearing. 

Thursday 1994 - Dinner and dance for square dance group, catered by McCoys, $10/each.  Still very icy out.

Friday 1995 - Article in NYT about Berkshire Hathaway, whose stock is now selling for $24,500 a share (30 years ago it was selling at less than $20/share.  Closing comment was that Buffett's book @$24.95 was a better buy than the stock.

Saturday 1996 - [Bermuda] Walked the old RR right-of-way in St. George area.  In PM went to Perfumery, nothing too exciting.  Then to ______ where we saw a lot of interesting animals and a BIG eel.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa]

Tuesday 1998 - Wayne Hagemeyer turns 77.  Finally had closing on GHU house @$70,500.

Wednesday 1999 -[Florida] Went to Lake Worth beach and had breakfast at John G's, no line at 7am.  [Roberta reported on 1/28/10 that "John G." had recently passed away.]  Out to Rob and Cindy's future home site and BIG house, near west end of Hypoluxo Rd.  Had nice visit with the Barbers who now live at 1025 North. B St.  Surprised to see North grade school leveled.  Lunch at Toojay's in Lake Worth, 419 Lake Ave.

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