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Feb. 8, 1989-99 Peoria, Amelia Island

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - [to Peoria IL] Jean had Womens Club lunch at Ponderosa, supper at MCA [?] in Indianapolis on 38th Ave.  Jack Perry special (small piece of meat, 2 vegetables and roll for $2.75).  Staying in Days Inn in East Peoria. 

Thursday 1990 -Went to Wilmington, got 3 estimates to repair van.  $700+.  Went square dancing, first time in a couple months.

Friday 1991 - 2nd annual Estate Planning at the Ohio Center Holiday Inn.  Saw Stu CFO [?] from Park National Bank and Tom from the Lancaster office.  Had supper at Cracker Barrel on way home.

Saturday 1992 - Lions Club Pancake Supper $3.50.  Don Liggitt called about this fall Asian trip.

Tuesday 1994 - Ice storm.  Special election for childrens services.  Cooper Snyder to be speaker at both the Highland and Clinton County Lincoln Day dinners.  UMW canceled because of the weather.  Jean went with Valeta [?] to Wilmington to work on the scroll. 

Thursday 1996 - We ate with the Spencers (from Birmingham AL) at Tillingham [?] Dept. Store in Hamilton.

Saturday 1997 - Had nice email from Wendy, she's taking 13 hours in college and hopes to graduate in 2002. 

Sunday 1998 - Sermon topic, teflon or velcro.  Boy Scout Sunday, 119 present.  We went to Frisch's about 2:30 [or $2.30?].  Serena called and told us of reservation at Grove Park Inn [in Asheville NC]  for $89.  Talked to Paul and Virginia Rulon [sp?], his face seemed puffy.  Went to College Library, not much activity.

Monday 1999 - [Perry GA to Amelia Island FL]  Drove out to Carvella [?] Hdqs -- this was their big week [Chocolate?  Chinese New Year? Grand Opening? -- not big enough clue for me to guess]  Then to Andersonville where the Civil War POW camp was.  Had lunch in Plains GA.  Parked where Jimmy Carter would have SS.  Had reservation at Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island.  Had asked for cheapest room, $139, but got beautiful south facing ocean, plenty of room.  Their rates go up 3/1.  Had supper downtown at Beech Street Grill.

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