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Feb. 7, 1989-99 New Van

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Got new heel and toe plates on my square dance boots $9.50.  MUH had biopsy.  Jean goes to  Mothers Club at Leona [?] Wolfe's.  Special election for Laurel Oaks.  Headlines about Buzz Lukens "problems".

Wednesday 1990 - Got new blue Ford van at Bill Marine's.  $17,500 including tax, he had started at $21,000, list price of $24,000.  Jean went to visit the Sankers.  Lions Club program by ______ Davis (Joe's son) on his far east tour.  Jean backed into tree with van at Sankers.

Thursday 1991 - Met John at Hilton East Hotel in Columbus where we stayed overnight, $41/night + 15% tax.  We ate at the hotel, think 4 others were there. 

Friday 1992 -Went to Concourse Hotel near airport  for 7 hour legal meeting.  John was also there.  Jean met Ruth May and they had lunch at Stratford Inn in Lithopolis -- a B&B [now listed as a Tea Room and Bistro].  Ruth left her binoculars in the car so returned them and then had soup and sandwich at Yummers [Yunan?] in WCH.

Sunday 1993 - Went with the Salisburys, Carolyn Thornburg, and Keith Rankin to West Chester.  Ate with the Baileys at Bill Knapp's [appears ALL Bill Knapp's were out of business by 2002] at King's Island.  Got book "Love is a Choice".

Monday 1994 - Administrative Board Meeting.  Jim Pinkerton is the new chairman and Jeanette Laymon is m...[?] su...[?].  Got literature from Sr Ventures, a nice spiral bound schedule of the Havana trip. 

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Wilmington and had "supper" at Taco Bell, cost $3.24.  Anna Louise brought over our lunch from the Chinese Restaurant $2.50.  Bought four lamp shades at Walmart.

Saturday 1998 - Went square dancing at Hillsboro.  Had to reload the internet program.  Got new muffler and tailpipe on '90 Honda.

Sunday 1999 - [Leaving Somerset KY, to Perry GA] Left after church, lunch at Dinner Bell in Sweetwater TN (south of Knoxville).  Plenty of food and fat people.  Stayed at New Perry Inn, Perry GA, same management for 50 years.  Had supper there.

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