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Feb. 9, 1989-99 New K-Mart

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - [Peoria IL]  Took Serena to the hospital (Methodist) for ourpatient procedure at 11am.  Had lunch in the hospital cafeteria.  We all left hospital at 5pm.  Serena had temperature of 103, we bought a new thermometer.  Stayed at Towne House Motel $27/night. 

Saturday 1991 - Vivian Hiestand called us about her two extra tickets for "harp" program.  Very good.  Also Lions Club Pork BBQ @ $4 and $2.50.  Saturday profile on John Waters (new County Commissioner). Why are a coach and a politican alike?  Because they are smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it is important. 

Sunday 1992 - Wilmington M.C. meeting at West Chester, the Salisburys took us.  NV had 9 people there.  Went to Carol S. Webster's house in Sharonville.  Bob Salisbury had just gotten back from Japan.  It was 10pm when we finally got home.

Tuesday 1993 - GHU in great spirits today

Thursday 1995 - Had letter from Eloise Satterfield about wanting to move back to Hillsboro.  New K-Mart opened in Hillsboro.  We took Joan Gruber to square dancing and Valentine Dinner Dance.  Dan Quayle announced his withdrawal from the 1996 presidential race

Sunday 1997 - Overnight flight to Cape Town South Africa

Monday 1998 - Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena @$15, lots of steak, green beans, baked potato, cherry pie and salad.  State Representative Ed Kasputis spoke, told story about having facts straight, but drawing wrong conclusion.  He was born in 1961, a Case Western Reserve University law graduate. 

Tuesday 1999 - [Florida] Had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Daytona Beach, near race track where car races would soon be held, arrived in Lantana and had supper at Marianne's in Boynton.  Same guest room [at MUH's] as previously.

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