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Feb. 14, 1989-99 Sankers have fancy dinner party

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Jean got me a small heart box of candy, took it to Wells.  Jean had UMW at the parsonage.  I can struggle through playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano.

Wednesday 1990 - Jean had Dr. appt at 8:15, then on to Dayton to get wheel chair lift in new van.  Hard rain.  Dropped the van off at the Body Shop then had lunch at Ponderosa.

Thursday 1991 - [to NYC]  Took Hortons to airport, they got on standby on next flight to WPB and we flew to NYC, staying at Penington Friends House @$90/night

Sunday 1993 - [NYC back to Ohio] Went to John St. UMC, oldest congregation in U.S., then to South Street Seaport where Jean got some marked down Christmas earrings.  Left on Delta from LaGuardia.

Monday 1994 - The Walkers went with us to Wilmington, Mystery Night, $25 each, which Judy Gano spearheaded.  They had a buffet dinner at the municipal [?] building, then part of a trial in the C.P. Court Room, then about 20 stores where clues were buried.  Finished with dessert back at the M building.  Nice day for a change. 

Tuesday 1995 - We went for our physicals.  My weight is 152 pounds, down 7# in 10 years.  Went to CMH for x-rays, net cost was $24 for each of us.  Had lunch at Ponderosa.  Jean took Joanne Gruber to Emmaus meeting. 

Wednesday 1996 - Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena.  Ohio Treasurer Ken Blackwell spoke, mostly on the flat tax idea.  NV had a table, $15 each.  In Newark its's $30 each. 

Friday 1997 - [South Africa]

Saturday 1998 - Sankers had us and five other couples down for an evening (travel things like picture of Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. all around).  After dinner a quartet called the Dixie Kings showed up.  One couple from Vandalia 45377 have had a house at Chautauqua for 23 years.  Others included the Bradshaws, a German couple, and the Fryes who had taken the Palace on Wheels in India.  Looks like Meyers [?] is about to open.  Gas = 91.9c/gallon.

Sunday 1999 - [Georgia]  Visited Carter Center in Atlanta.  Had supper at Cafe Tu Tu Tango [now closed].

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Catherine said...

From John: Our Lincoln Day Dinner is up to $55 a person now, Senate candidate Rob Portman was our speaker. About 200 attended.

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