Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb. 2, 1989-99 1030 Shaw Dr, NV School History

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Wilmington Walmart opened today.  Jean leaves with Jean Liggett for library meeting in Columbus.  Had flat tire on van en route to Wilmington, it's a job on the van.  Minor ice storm but it's really been a nice January.  Vera McFadden passed away, she worked for me before G.G.

Friday 1990 - Went to dentist, nothing except cleaning $46.  We looked at big vans.  Had supper at Frisch's.

Saturday 1991 - Sadie had the day with Mother at CMH so we went to feed her.  She now has the 3rd roommate.  Supper at Arby's, 99 cent roast beef sandwich.  Up in the 50s, washed the car.  Cris with his parents left for Steubenville.  Bill's brother Cris is critical.  They will return tomorrow.

Sunday 1992 - [to Newark] Drove up to see John and Julie and the house at 1030 Shaw Dr that they have contracted to buy.  Julie fixed chicken with poppy seeds, broccoli, salad, rolls with sherbet and cookies.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean had Mothers Club here and Esther S. had the program on health.   Note from John regarding B&B in St. Clairsville, "My Father's House". 

Wednesday 1994 - Bob Johnson spoke at Lions Club on the NV School.  First school in 1812, nine one-room schools in Green Township.  In 1838, 68 pupils in township, spent $15 each on education.  The school lot was sold to the Catholic Church in 1860-65, and a new building was built in 1878 in the present location, replaced in 1917 with new building at a cost of $70M ($70,000].  G.G. and Kelly were the sole chefs.

Thursday 1995 - [Colorado ElderHostel]

Friday 1996 - Legal work in Wilmington in PM, we ate at Bob Evans.  Ike and Dorothy (his friend) were there and Dale Cahill [?], also Dorothy Moore and her Mother. 

Sunday 1997 - Goodings came down, we ate at Highland South Restaurant in Winchester, recently reopened.  Drove through Mowrystown, then to Maple Syrup place near 136 and 62.  He had all these lines running directly from the trees into the building.  Takes 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. 

Monday 1998 - Went to Dayton to start Wilson estate, then Morton estate in Wilmington.  Jean had Mothers Club meeting at Betty Thompson's.  Letter from Moana Loa Hotel hoping we had a great visit and sent rates for return visitors.  Krogers has strawberries at 89 cents/quart.  [or 1.89?]

Tuesday 1999 - Went over to parsonage and helped Mary Bahr and Sharon Henderson Rider help fold the church newsletter.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Mary Bahr and Sharon Henderson Rider

Catherine said...

From John: Bought 1030 Shaw Dr for $89,900 in February 1992 and just refinanced it for 30 years last year at a 4.65% interest rate.
Hope I live another 30 years! Payment is $582/ month which includes taxes and insurance.

Catherine said...

John, thanks for the comments about your house. We paid $79,000 for our house in 1988, and in 2006 it reached an all-time value (according to comparable sales) of $240,000 -- now the comparable value is $80,000 -- glad we don't need to think about selling though since the market in our area is more sluggish than molasses. Fortunately we were able to pay off our mortgage in 1994 thanks to Grandma!

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