Saturday, February 06, 2010

Feb. 6, 1989-99 Christian gets first haircut

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Jean went to Columbus to the Book Circle Store.  Six month car insurance was $492, unleaded gas 85.9 cents/gallon. 

Tuesday 1990 - Jean has program at Mothers Club, book review on Barbara Bush.

Wednesday 1991 - Gary Kersey had program at Lions Club on the paper in the print on the Emancipation Proclamation.  Jean and Mary [MUH] went to Hillsboro to see Mother, she had been up in the wheel chair, they met Vivian.  Bill's brother Cris passed away.

Thursday 1992 - Keith Rankin here "re-gluing" the ceramic tile in the guest bathroom.

Saturday 1993 - [Lexington]  We went to the Target store (used to be Gold Circle), then to Darryl's for lunch.  Went to Bookstore, got Mobil Tour '93 Big City Book $15, plus Spanish book and book on Guatemala.  Then to Sam's Club, lots of people handing out food samples.  Back to Cincy, stop at Mexico Mall to get chair, then to see Ed Fite at Bethesda North.  He came home sick from AZ.

Sunday 1994 - Boy Scout Sunday at church.  We met Serena at Books and Co. in Dayton (big bookstore), Arthur Frommer spoke, he started in 1957 on those $5/day books, now I think it is $60/day.  Had supper at Mark Pi's.  Jean bought shoes at Roderer's.

Monday 1995 - Mothers Club canceled because of the snow.

Thursday 1997 - [to England]  Left for London on Delta non-stop from CVG, at the Penn Club.  Delta uses North Terminal at Gatwick.

Friday 1998 - C[ontinuing] Legal Ed at Wilmington 9-3, then appointment with Dr. Lawley, had a cystoscopy exam where they put tube up penis to look at bladder -- very quick, said I was fine, just an enlarged prostate.  Jean had mammogram at CMH.  Ate at Bob Evans.  Saw Donna Cornelius there with Don ______.  Winter Olympics starting in Nagano, Japan. 

Saturday 1999 - [Somerset] Breakfast at Days Inn is kind of a joke, just 2 chairs there.  Drove over to Liberty KY and ate at this restaurant run by a childrens group.  Christian got his first hair cut.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1991 probably Gary Kersey

1993 Darryl's restaurant in Lexington was (may still be) on Nicholasville Rd. near the Target.

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