Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb. 17, 1989-99 New York City

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]
Friday 1989 - GG out with the flu -- her sister, Anna Louise also does a good job.

Saturday 1990 -[NYC] Went to Javits Toy and Variety Show, really a waste of time.  No Saturday PM meal at Penington House so we ate at Japanese Restaurant at 1st Ave. and 16th St. with chopsticks.

Sunday 1991 - [NYC] Went to UMC on 62nd St. [Lexington United Methodist Church], met 90-year-old Irene Ayres who volunteers at Mission on 3rd Ave and 14th a couple times a week.  We went there and found quite a turn out of men.  They give them a bag of food at the end.  Met Florence ? [looks like Itoh?] for lunch at the Dorset, buffet was $25. 

Monday 1992 - [NYC to Israel]  Went to Ellis Island, surprised at the crowd.  Our plane for Israel left at 10:15PM.  The Baileys were there, Mary (MUH), and seven from Phoenix that Roberta got.  Fare on ticket to Israel was $866.

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Friday 1995 - [NYC] Bruce showed up at 7:30.  He is staying in the City for the show, their daughter just turned 2.  Met Jean at 1PM at Bailey's, walked from 23rd St. & 5th Ave. to City Hall, that was quite an experience and the $35 seemed modest for our two hours there.  We came back to Madison and 36th for a quick trip to the Morgan Library.  In the evening we went to the Strand Bookstore where Jean bought a book for $1, by Billy Graham's daughter that had originally retailed for $24.95. 

Saturday 1996 - Article in the WNJ that the Wilmington P.O. is looking for a new location, present location built  in 1929.  Also the proposed 73 Bypass is #9 in the state.  Jean went to Columbus to UMW meeting.  Prayer meeting at church this AM, Keith substituted for Greg Linkhart

Monday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1999 - Bob Ballantyne called re family reunion in May in New Hampshire.  Had eye appt., still 20/20 so no change in glasses.

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